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Auto Express invited a few people to see the new Mondeo.
Here is their reactions to the all new model:

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  1. Everything looks fine except the antenna. Would it be to much to ask that it’s placed somewhere other than the front roof of the car? It’s an eyesore. Move it, and shrink it. The thing is 4 feet too long.


  2. The car is stunning. Not over-designed and certainly not bland. It appears to be a purposful and sporty mid-sized sedan. Ford would have to be completely crazy not to bring it stateside. Bring it here with the style as-is. Don’t ruin the interior with loads of faux woodgrain in an attempt to “americanize” it.

  3. Well, if we were voting, the “Mondeo for USA” would win!
    Here’s hoping that, at the latest, 2010…they bring it here.
    I’ll be ready to trade!

  4. Beautiful car, I wish on car company would have the guts to stop putting so many labels on the vehicle. No “mondeo”, no “ford”, no “V6”, mo “GKDSESAG”, no “turbo” etc etc etc….just let the cars speak for themselves.

  5. I think 5:08 may be right about this possibly being the next Mazda 6. I don’t have much to go on but I see similarities with the headlight and especially the little kickup on the side just beneath the c pillar as on the Mazda 6 illustration that Vince showed a couple of weeks ago. I guess we’ll see.

  6. it looks quite similar to the spy pics for the new mazda 6. i mean mazda is going witht eh curvacious vavacious front end styling right. this fits the bill perfectly and it sure seems a bit larger than the previous 6.

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