New Scion xB with humans around it.

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Someone fron Scionlife.come went to the autoshow today…

As I thought, the new xB already looks better with alloy wheels. Anything but the cheap wheel covers.

Too bad Scion doesn’t offer anything than a black interior…
And how about a sunroof???

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  1. Two things: Cruise(will it be offered?) and the Sunroof option would be nice(not a “necessity” for me, but… it would not hurt sales, would it?).
    Guess we will”Know All” tomorrow by this time?

    In Yellow, and this angle , it reminds me of a Modern Gremlin, but with 2 more doors!

  2. The new xB doesnt look too bad and has a lot of power now so it can make for a pretty good local delivery truck as well. I am curious to the dimentions of this vehicle.

    Gremlin. My sister had a Gremlin once. Just once.

  3. This is one fugly vehicle. I’m sure that those people of the pimpled variety will swoon to it. Although it is neither fast nor furious, in spite of the “kickin” wheels. So maybe they won’t.

  4. Looks like the ground clearance problem has not been resolved, so this vehicle will still be useless in the snowbelt areas of North America! Anyone who owns one of these knows what a major problem getting hung up on 4 inches of snow constantly can be like. That is why there is no repeat buyers for this model!

  5. No repeat buyers? Hung up on 4 inches of snow? Whaa????????????!
    I would(if possible) like to see the links that possess this information.
    I have heard of Prius having issues, being hung up in snow, but not the xB.

  6. Hey, Scion doesn’t have to worry about the ” fast-n-furious kids” buying these. From what I have seen, it is guys in their 40’s-60’s driving them! I have seen maybe 3 in my area, and 2 guys looked to be 50-ish, and another 60-something!
    The tC is the car that gets the youngest group of buyers, I heard 24-26?
    Not sure about this xA/xD..
    I have only seen 2 in 3 years.One was driven by a woman, that is she wasn’t in her 70’s, then it was her early 80’s!!!!!!!!!1
    She was at a K-mart, when I saw this thing(the xA).
    She liked it. Said it took some
    time getting used to such a small vehicle. I test drove one, and almost fell asleep durign acceleration! Think 0-60 was in 9…. Hours(felt like it).
    Most buyers are not 18-26, the main exception being the tC, and since it sells the most, out of the 3 vehicles, helps to lower the overall total(age of buyers).
    I have seen No Youth driving an xB or xA. Youth, being anyone under 40.

  7. The way the rear wheelwell molds with the rear bumper looks retarded. It will make a great short bus school bus.

  8. Those mirror-mounted turn signals should be required on all cars. They make turns more visible and therefore safer. Plus they look kinda cool.

  9. measurements.BTW? How can this vehicle”get hung-up on 4 inches of snow” when the Ground Clearance( see link provided. I like facts. Don’t you?) is Over 6 inches. My old 1990 Sentra had about the same, and somehow, I managed to “plow” through 6-8 inches of snow.The SX4, a FWD/PT AWD/FT AWD has around 7 inches of clearance…soooo, why make up stuff? Eh? You work for Big 3, Honda? LOL ;-)Real information, vs “rumors”. I’ll take the real info any day.if you do have a link to proce this wrong, feel free to provide one. If you just don’t like the thing, say so, and be done with it, ya know? Don’t make upBig stories to prove a point(that is not real).thanks.have a great rest of the week.

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