New smaller Cadillac?

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Cadillac is thinking of a smaller than BLS car for the European market. Not sure why.
The BLS isn’t selling well in the first place.
The new modell could use the next Astra platform. The Wagon verion, which is a bit longer than the 5 door.

These illustrations show what it could look like.

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  1. How delightful. A Cimarron for the Euro market where, of course, they don’t know the first thing about small cars so they’re bound to lap this one up. Not so?

  2. I think Caddy wants a more youth oriented type of buyer which might be the reason for its small size.
    The 3 door hatch isnt that bad looking but the rear lights make it look awful. Caddy should also think about it young American buyers besides selling the CTS…

  3. I think its a good idea so they have something besides land yatchs to sell. The back is awkward but this is just an illustration.

  4. I just rented an STS from Hertz’s prestiege collection. I’ve rented Jaguars, Audis, Lincolns and Hummers at Avis. I have to admit that I LOVED the Caddy. There’s nothing geriatric about the style the interior or the performance of this car. I’d rank it above almost every other car in this class with the exception of an A6.

    With the occasional mis-step, Cadillac seems to finally understand what people want. Knowing that they’ve had some serious bombs in the small car category, I hope they look at this launch closely so that it doesn’t keep happening.

  5. Shouts out to Vince from
    San Francisco. You have one of the best car blogs on the web!

    Cadillac wants lots of hip younger buyers in U.S.A. and Europe, and to compete in the profitable premium compac/subcompact class. Cadillac’s newest models are the best in about 30 years! Unfortunately, Cadillac is not yet back in the same class as competitors that sell both smaller and the more expensive models like BMW Lexus Mercedes.
    Sadly, Cadillac just weakened its european image again with the nice, but not first class smaller BLS sedan meant to compete with BMW 3 series, Audi A4, and Mercedes C-class.

    Although it is tempting to do the money grab and hope a nice premium subcompact will make quick cash, its probably a bad idea!

    The rest of Cadillac’s models need refinement first! Diesel engines are a must in Europe but only the struggling BLS has one!
    Cadillacs also need class leading performance to shock the market and make people take notice. Beautiful interior style and quality that is a cut above all the competition is needed as well.

    And Cadillac desperately needs a huge (and likely really expensive) marketing blitz to make most europeans aware that Cadillac is selling cars in Europe again.

    Cadillac needs to spend the money fixing the cars it has now.

    It can’t afford to spend
    money on a smaller car like this, unless the small car is soo good that it becomes a huge seller and brings in the big money Cadillac needs to recreate itself as a truly first class name again.

  6. GM already has a brand much better known in Europe that would immediatley benefit from a premium small car. Even though Cadillac has some classier and more expensive models than SAAB does, in Europe SAAB has a better and more established image and name than Cadillac.

    Since SAAB is a very well known brand GM Europe could more easily take it both more upmarket and also into the small car class. Most europeans are more picky about cars and european heritage than americans and would choose a SAAB over a Caddy.
    GM shouldnt waste money messing with some new Cadillac small car when the rest of caddies need money for a makeover.

    If GM were really smart, they’d very quickly make easy upgrades -throw in some over the top first class interiors for both Cadillac and SAAB – I’m talking $60k looking interior in a $40k car. Then shoehorn Isuzu’s best turbo diesel engines into Cadillac for Europe.

    At the same time push both brands into much higher levels of quality and performance.

    Since SAAB and Cadillac share delerships and SAAB already outsells Cadillac Europe, use the quick upgrades to help SAAB bring in the bigger money for now.
    At the same time carfully make Cadillac a low volume but very desireable brand until demand is high enough that europeans want to pay top dolar for Cadillac. Then GM can cut loose with the smaller but expensive Cadillacs.

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