New Volvo V70

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It was pretty much already uncovered by these spyshots taken at the factory a few weeks ago, so no big surprises.
But still, this is one classy looking wagon.

Now that Volvo has finally gotten rid of the cheap looking black rubber trims and added a small chrome line around the windows, the car look more expensive.
It also looks like a wagon version of the S80 instead of the S60.
So it might be a bit larger too. And uses the S80’s new 3.2 Liter engine.

Not really sure how reliable the current model has been .
I hear Volvos are actually improving all the time.

This one should be a hit.

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  1. Agree with you on pretty much everything. The one major downside to the interior is the pop up navi screen. I hate that about volvos. They need to rethink that idea.

  2. Overall, pretty nice updgrade over current V70. But why do I feel like the front end has a hint of Chrysler in the design? Maybe I’m crazy, but it’s looking a little Sebring-y around the grill area.

  3. Agree. Why the heck couldn’t they have integrated the nav screen in the dashboard right above the A/C vents like Audi or other brands do? It almost looks like an afterthought the way it pops out awkwardly like that at a strange angle.

  4. Otherwise, the interior looks very nice. However, Volvo still needs to do a better job integrating the flat panel center stack with the A/C vents. It looks pretty nice here but really tacky in their new C70 hatchback, where it looks like a 22nd century modernity in a sea of 1990s interior design.

  5. love the front end and interior, but the taillights look really, really ugly imo. they look kind of droopy…

  6. Hey Vince, When I first saw this picture I thought it was the newly redesigned Subaru Legacy wagon! The only reason why I concluded it wasn’t was when I saw the pictue of the rear tailights. Are all the new wagons and crossovers starting to look like one another or is it just me?

  7. Wow, people are pretty harsh. I like this car. Actually, I prefer the pop-up nav because I don’t like the huge displays on the dash during the 99% of the time when I’m not needing nav assistance.

    I hope there is an R version of this.

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