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Seems that someone at VW doesn’t want to kill the new Beetle after the current model.
Good news.

These Stehrenberger illustrations show a very different car.
With a sort of sedan/wagon type model as well.

I like it. I hope VW keeps the Beetle in some form or another.

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  1. I really like the first one, looks infinately better than the minivan-esque car being passed off as a GTI.

  2. I agree with you Vince, I am glad that they will continue with Beetle and see what kind of evolution they push it towards design wise.
    I guess they want a Mini-killer by looking at the illustrations.

  3. Read something on detnews(IIRC) that said A Lot of automakers keep tabs on what is said about all vehicles, concepts, etc, from the net( I think even Vince said he kew some Ford people visit at times, and read comments from posters): that being said
    IFVW is reading this:

    I would serious look @ it!
    Even if the production version were “only” 80% as sharp, it would be worth a look!
    The Beetle as is, people, I hate to tell ya, but I have seen Maybe 1 guy (out of 5 Beetles, current version). The one he drove was Black in exterior color.
    The man apppeared to be 45-55 in age, too.
    I wonder how many females vs males purchse the current VW Beetle(I am betting the numbers are higher in the “female” column, anbd I heard VW wants to attract more male buyers to VW). It would be sporty enough for a man, yet, still have some appeal for the ladies( a uni-sex car, perhaps? maybe the convertible/cabriolet?)
    How to do it? Build this!
    Would I even test drive the current VW Beetle? No is the answer.
    The top model has a “Mitsubishi-sporty” feel to it, which is a good thing, IMHO.
    take care/not offense

  4. reminds me of the old CRX in a ways. With the new Astra(3 and 5 door coming out), why not?
    This is sharp looking.
    Also, a slightly smaller car, the Accent se(3 door) looks good, but does not have the HP I would like(and is smaller than the Astra coming out, and less HP).
    If this VW had the HP, price,MPG, etc… it could compete with the Astra 3 door.
    the 5 door is not cool. Looks like a 80’s or early 90’s station wagon, or something.
    The 3 door”Coupe”, Yes! Drop Top? Why not?

    Build it, soon, VW…. my New car buying time is within 28-32 months months!(could they build one this fast? I know Toyota could, concept to production).

  5. I know what this is: A “Mini” Eclipse, by VW!
    (Or as some would say, a “proper” Eclipse-sized car, not the 40+ ft turning radius , too heavy for a sporty car, Eclipse of today).

  6. The current Beetle ius shorter than the “new” rabbit(golf)!!!!!!!! I hope VW has the sense to (if this is their intentions)compete against the Astra, then make this next Beetle, at least, larger than the Rabbit, and closer to the 3 door/5 door Astras in size( from what we have heard, anywhere from 167+ inches to 171 inches total length, vs 161 for the current Beetle).

  7. If this thing competed with the tC, in size, MPG, content for the dollar, etc… I would actually consider buying this over the tC.
    And the 5 door? Eh.
    I’d “suffer” from the lack of a 5th door, and maybe purchase a nice, new Lancer.

  8. fantastic execution of the evolution of a car that would be very difficult to evolve. It maintains both a vw look and a beetle look, yet makes the whole package stronger and ultramodern….well done vw !. this is a car that current beetle drivers would trade in for as well as cross shoppers! One word “Success”

  9. I like it. Unique is the word.
    Especially the first model/hatch.
    I give it 2 thumbs up
    PS: let’s hope this is not like the so -called new (2000’s version of the)60’s VW “minivan” concept, that was being shown on the net some years ago, and then never put into production.

  10. if the rear seats are thisclose to the bumper, as they appear to be in the illustration,(of the 3 door) then I would only put people that, say, were not my closest friends or loved ones, in the back seats, you know, in case of an accident.

  11. I think the design looks good. The design could be for girls and boys. I just wonder what new fetures would be added to this new Bettle. Well, VW is known for their carefuly chosen design and quality auto parts like that of Volkswagen spark plug wires, this new vehicle will surely catch the attention of VW enthusiasts as well as other car buyers.

  12. desperate time brings on desperate means. i long-believe that well-recognized car names should not be fooled with. those illustrations look nothing like what a “beetle” should look. can you imagine the name “mini” or a “911” on a different car?

    domestic manufacturers resurrect their well known names and put on something totally different just sell the cars. look at the charger (a 4-door?) , the aspen (suburban-size suv?).

    what next? a “corvette” on a sedan??

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