Next Mercedes E class

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The new C class just came out, so this has to be just an illustration.
But you know what, I bet it looks 99% like the real thing…

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  1. Huh. All my life I’ve been a huge MB fan-but I have never owned one. I’ve leased Audi’s recently because I can get a stick and they don’t look like ‘old man’ cars. This image doesn’t excite me enough change up. Maybe I’ll have to wait until I’m an old man myself. Ugh-that’s a horrible thought.

  2. ew on the quad-headlights-but-not-really-quad-headlights look. those little rectangles bother me. this may just be an illustration but it looks like it could be close based on the S and the new C. take out the grille and three-pointed star, and you have a warmed-over version of the previous generation Lexus GS.

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