Next VW Polo?

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Just another illustration.
Of a car that will never come to us, anyway….

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  1. too bad this is what vw needs in north america, the jetta is no longer an entry level car…there is huge demand for this car from young vw enthusiasts in the us and it looks great too…like a mini audi a3

  2. I might be mistaking but I sure that I heard that either the next Polo or verson oafter that was coming to the US. VW would try to get a model under the Golf/Jetta to compete with Asian and Domestic offerings.

  3. People here and on other sites keep begging for this car to come to the US. But c’mon, would you really buy this? I don’t see the need or the demand for it when we have the Rabbit, which itself has received lukewarm response.

  4. It looks too small to be the next Polo. I would guess that this was an illustration of the next Fox (a small VW made in Brazil and sold in Europe).


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