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I remember GM mentioning last year that the US Astra line would indeed include the Twin Top convertible.
But last month, they only introduced the 3 and 5 door models.
Does that meant the changed their minds? Will we get it later?

The convertible is really good looking and could give GMN something to go against the Eos and the new Sebring.
The G6 convertible isn’t really a big hit. And reviews have been pretty bad.

And the sedan seems an obvious choice for the US market….

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  1. You do realise that by the time you do eventually get the Astra it will be getting on for 4 years old? I’m just hoping GM isn’t going to do what ford did with the 1998 focus in America.

  2. The sedan I can see coming over….maybe

    The convertible would make a mockery of the G6 convertible…I don’t think GM would want competition from within their own company

    But hey, I could be totally wrong…I’m just making an educated guess.

  3. If GM was smart, they wouldn’t have competition from within. They also wouldn’t have GMC/Chevy, Chevy/Pontiac, Buick/Saturn and Hummer/Cadillac competition for the same full size pickup truck, mid-market basic transportation, psuedo-luxury, and luxury buyers, respectively.

    The Astra sedan reminds me too much of a Chevy Cobalt. Badge_Engineered.exe

  4. Now that the Solara’s being replaced by a XUV/wagin thingy (ugh!) this seems like the next best choice for an affordable, nice convertible. I actually do like the look. Can’t wait to see how this pans out.

  5. Actually, the Astra convertible wouldn’t cause competition for the G6 convertible. In fact, it might compete with the Sky/Solstice lineup, but those are unique in their own right. So technically, the Astra convertible would compete with the VW Eos, The Audi A1 Convertible if and when it comes over here (within the next few years it should be in production). And for those who don’t realize, GM does have a lot of competition in its own brand.. The Aura/Malibu/G6? Those compete. The Sky/Solstice? Those compete.

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