The other side of the “6”

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Still just an illustration.
Looks a bit like a Honda.

Let’s hope the real thing turns out to be a bit more original.

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  1. That rear looks really really generic. Rental car generic. No-name car in an insurance ad kinda way. I can’t imagine that this design will make it too far within Mazda.

  2. The Mazda 3 is probably a better choice if a larger car isn’t needed. The Mazda 6 has too much Ford in it now.
    My guess is that the new Nissan Altima and upcoming all-new Accord will be better choices than an updated Mazda 6.

  3. Sorry kiddies…I like it. I’m sure it will have the 3.5l v-6 and 6 spd auto, but I’m really hoping for all wheel drive. If it comes out with awd, I’ll definitly buy it. If not then I may lean toward the Milan. Anyone notice the single exhaust pipe?

  4. i dunno if this is even close to the real thing or not. i mean think about all the previous spy shots we’ve had. the front had big rounded bulgin fenders a la RX8 and that seemed to be the new design theme for mazda. curvacious and vavacious. i really don’t think this is a mazda product being pictured… well at least i hope it isn’t

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