The real Taurus

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I guess this is what it could have looked like if they had decided to turn the 500 into the Taurus a little bit earlier….

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  1. Eh, looks no worse than they one they do have… I still would love to understand their way of thinking on this; playing with names and grills just serves to annoy and confuse most people. I’ve talked to a lot of non-car people that see right thru this ploy.

  2. it might be nice (and legal) to cite where you got this from, since it’s a chop done by someone else.

  3. they already shwowed the new taurus and it doesn’t lokk like that idiot

    the taurus will be again the best selling car in the country next yea.
    mark my words.

    poor toyota wan’t be in the competition anymore.
    what comes around comes around

  4. ^^^^^^ your such a douchebag hahaha excellent chop, seems as if it were only yesterday. ahha what a peice.

  5. I have to be clear.
    I didn’t make this illustration, and I didn’t say I did.

    just thought it was funny

  6. Oddly, if Ford styled the 500/Taurus/whatever this way, (i.e. grill).. It probably would sell, because everyone wants a “retro” car nowadays.. and the Taurus from the 80’s is an instant classic that all Americans wish they had parked in their driveway.

  7. I did this chop as a gut reaction to the “new” Taurus. Im the one now laughing at all the reaction its getting around the net. I may be even helping Ford hahaaha. God help me.

  8. that is ugly! but funny. very good illustration of how you can easily change something on a cars designs and ruin it. If they produced the actual design of the 500 the name change wouldn’t be needed. why do engineers change cars to fit the assembly line instead of vice cersa. also cars suffer when they cheap down the design to produce them.

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