Scion xD

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Again, looking pretty much like the one I posted before.

No info on this yet.
We’ll now (and see) more later today.

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  1. I love it! This is the next vehicle that I will be buying. Any 4-door Sedan is outdated. The Scion XD is a design for the future!!!

  2. Vince, you mean, in other words, and engine finally w/enough horsepower to try to compete w/the Nissan VERSA!

  3. The grill placements looks odd, if they’re trying to make it look like the tC (which seems to be the case), then it should be higher, more between the headlights, and less in the middle of the bumber. If they did that I think it’d be drastically improved. Of course I guess they didn’t have much choice, it has to go where the radiator is.

  4. i like the headlights and the area inbetween them. everything below the headlights is all wrong on these models. they’re overly bulbous, protrude too much and don’t match at all. the huge air-intake openings are oddly placed. it’s almost as if someone had an ok design and then warped it and said, “oh, that’s pretty cool”

  5. Hey Vince, Isn’t this a picture of the new Volkswagon Golf they will be selling over in Europe?

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