Solara replacement???

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Toyota has said the Solara would be replaced by another model also based on the Camry.
That could mean anything.
But they also said more recently that they don’t believe they need to be present in the coupe market anymore.
Unlike Honda.

Then what?
This shows what a production version of the FSC concept could look like.
I think this is still just an illustration.

Looks to me it would compete with the “also Camry based” all new Highlander.
Unless the moder wagon shape appeals to a different audience…

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  1. As long as it’s not as large as a Mercedes “R” class, yet offers a rear hatch, sign me up! I think it’s a fantastic design. Not as boring as a Camry and more functional than a Solara. Basically a stylish station wagon. Bravo Toyota!

  2. I heard months ago that Toyota was replacing the Solara’s spot in the lineup with a crossover. The vehicle shown looks a bit odd.

  3. Hopefully its the new Camry wagon and it has 3rd row like the 93 version did. If it does, its a guaranteed seller.

  4. As a person that has just bought a 2002 Solara (SLE V6 convertible), I’ll be sad to see the Solara name go. They’re really great cars! I see a lot of them around so I don’t know why Toyota wants to pull them out of the market. I believe they give a very nice blend of function and sport. My 6’3″ tall best friend has no problems even in the back seat.

    I don’t see why Toyota can’t keep the Solara and add that (which seems to be a completely different car style) to the lineup. Nissan has like 40 different cars in Japan, why can’t we have one more here for Toyota?

  5. It appears like a slightly larger Rondo, Mazda 5 thing.
    The Rondo SX might give it a run for it’s money(190-200HP V6 range, 3 row seats, kind of sporty looking,under 20K?).
    It looks ok, if you like Mini-Van/Wagons.
    They should make it look more like a modern day Scarab(1930’s vehicle). It has to be looked up and seen….Suzuki had something that kind of looked liek one of these 3 row, or 2 row deals… concept, scarablike. It was cool,but suzuki won’t build it.
    Now is Toyota’s chance to really be “wild” with designs.

  6. I am also sad to see the Solara go. I would think Toyota would replace it with a maybe more modern hard top convertible. But not another wagon/SUV thing…

    I drove a Solara last year and was pretty impressed by the quality of the whole thing.
    Truely a luxury ride at a mid size price.

  7. Agreed, Vince. When I first saw the interior of my ’02 Solara, it reminded me of a Lexus. The car’s a good size, sporty looking and quick enough with 200hp and a very good value since it has Toyota’s reliability (engine sludge nonwithstanding, since Toyota has already taken responsibility for the issue.)

    I really do hope Toyota will reconsider this. Redesign the Solara if they must and even rename it if they must, but at least give us an affordable high-quality coupe and convertible. What amazed me was that considering the low price, there was almost NO scuttle/cowl. I’ve always wanted a convertible since I was in high school and I finally found one that was reliable, affordable and something I knew would last me years.

    Oh, interesting thing here… My dad was originally against the idea of me purchasing a Solara until I brought it home. He fell in love with it even though it was a whole generation ago and is seriously considering replacing his 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GT with a ’07 Solara coupe. Good idea too, since the Pontiac has only 35k miles and the car’s already falling apart. (Thanks, GM)

    I guess for my next car I’ll be going for the Nissan Altima coupe, or maybe the rumored Altima convertible. Does anyone here feel like Toyota’s pulling out right before things are heating up in the coupe market?

  8. On 2nd thought, they should keep the Solara. Only “issue” I had was MSRP(I am cheap, but that’s due to how much I make…buy what I can afford, and not go overboard, if possible).
    The Solara in Black looked good.
    Maybe a 3 door Solara( like the tC is 3 doors, and sells Tons of units per year)?
    Do something the others don’t( the 3 door hatch).
    I dunno if it would fly( a Mid-sized, sporty 3 door) or not.
    Toyota might be able to do such a thing( people scoffed @ Scion, too, a few years back) and make it work.
    Even Kia is thinking about a 2 door Optima( I was on chat,on edmunds, wed, dec 9, with len hunt, and Ian beavis, marketing guy, in Jan..think the 17th?.. and they said it was a “maybe”.. probably waiting to see how the new Nissan Altima coupe does?).

    Who knows, though? Time will tell.

    take care/not offense.

  9. I want one, where I signed for this. A station-van from Toyota, will replace my Malibu Maxx very well! Let’s go Toyota!

  10. Vince – you are correct- a crossover is replacing the Solara. The image you show is incorrect for the crossover. Styling is based on FT-SX concept and will not offer a 3rd row (which Highlander does).

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