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Some people drive cool cars at the Hollywood Studios.
This one is from Disney.

I’ll post more…

By the way, I know. The picture is bad and blurry.
And I’m posting it anyway….

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  1. that car is another great american story like john wayne and eineken
    how many toyotas do you see from 25 years ago
    this thing loks like new too
    where was this picture taken

  2. I think that car is produced in Northern Ireland actually, and it has a French engine.

    For the 25 year old Toyotas, they are all exported to Latin America and Africa. Durability is essential in those parts of the world.

  3. I saw this car before, I leave close to disney. and I read before De Lorean have a new owner in texas. they rebuild old and new Deloreans. and I read before too Delorean want the first factory in my country Puerto Rico base reimi Aguadilla. more than 20 years ago. but then they opt. for another place.

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