Toyota Hybrid X Concept

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That should give us a better idea of what the next Prius will look like.
We’ll now and see much more in the next few days…

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  1. Vince, do you know what spell/grammar checker is and how to use it? Im not being ugly but you are constantly miss-spelling words. Do you ever look at your post before you hit the send button?

  2. If this is part of the next Prius( as others also think), I’m in!
    I might have to wait until the end of 2010(seriously…save maybe 3K cash for a down payment, plus trade in $$$)… but if this is the last car, I want one.
    The current Prius is no slower than the new Sebirng( around 10.2 seocnds to 60), but waaay much more useful(better looking) and 50MPG(see Edmunds 2004 Long Term…ongoing… test) , and 23K? What’s not to like?
    Read the next gen Prius, Toyota is trying to get it under 10 seconds to 60( 9-9.5, like a compact car, with a larger I-4).
    Rumors are 80 MPG( European MPG? 65MPG USA Gallons?).
    Even if it only gets 55-60…. and the 1.8 L I-4…and slightly larger( it is a Mid-Sized hatch, btw, as is)….
    if it sticks at 23K….. I’ll be there checking one out in 3 years(new one is out when, either as an 09 or in 09?).
    Even just this shot, it looks sporty. cool. etc.

  3. One of the best things about this site is that Vince is not a writing poseur. He doesn’t ramble on like other bloggers who think they’re David E. Davis or Earnest Hemmingway.

    Vince gets to the point fast!

  4. A friend and I just drove a Prius a couple of weeks ago.

    I still thought the engine was a bit noisy ( I had driven one 3 years ago)
    It also never felt like it was running on pure electric. Even at very low speed. So I could hear the engine all the time.
    You had to floor it to get decent passing power.

    Sorry to say, but it didn’t really feel that much fun to drive.
    It is roomy and feels solid. And I do like the futuristic interior.
    But day in day out, I would prefer something a bit more fun .
    I have to say, in that department, German cars are the best.
    I wish VWs were more reliable….

  5. Considering Toyota’s design pratfalls of late, I’m not betting this new hybrid will be anywhere near what one would call “attractive”. Probably some odd looking dull-to-drive conveyance that says “oooh look at me, I’m driving a hybrid.” I’m sure all of hollywood’s hypocrites and limousine liberals are wetting themselves just thinking about it.

  6. The Prius/Hybrid thing is something Toyota can use to justify building their real important profit-making vehicles, like the gas hog right above (see Lexus LX). Can’t let the environment get in the way of the bottom line. Phonies.

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