Toyota Yaris TS

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133 hp and not for us.

A nice looking little car.
But you would think a sports model would get upgrated seats, at least…
And maybe some leather.

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  1. Welllllllll………….
    This “Scion xD” I been hearin’ ’bout on the ‘net claims it will be a slightly larger xA(perhaps 3 doors, from what I have read) and “Sporty”( as rumors of the next tC go from the RWD FUSE, to wild ideas of a Matrix-like sporty car, 5 doors)?
    Wonder if this is a preview?(minus the weird center pod in the dash, and same engine, but for this slightly smaller xD, as we all know, supposedly, gonna get the 1.8 L I-4).
    Rock and Roll, Vince!

  2. Think if they stretched the thing and slapped a trunk on it…would make the perfect new Corolla to go against the ultra-modern Civic. Definitely more exciting than the Corolla design they have on tap for us.

  3. I agree, better seats, but four doors are fine, kind of reminds me of a cheap curvy Mazda3, keep it under $15K and they could sell a few stateside. I bet the fuel economy wouldn’t take too much of a hit either… I wonder if they could drop a tuned Corolla engine in there?

  4. Philip.. we already have a stretched 4-door Yaris with a trunk! What we need is this 5-door.. instead of the new Saturn xD!

  5. I saw one of these little Yari after getting whacked t-bone style at an intersection yesterday. Luckily, there was no one in the passenger seat, or it wouldn’t have been pretty. I’m not saying that everyone should drive SUVs, but this car is way too small and chintzy.

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