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After almost 4 years, (The current Golf came out in Europe in 2003) VW decides to roll out a wagon version of the current Golf.
An all new Golf is due for 2009.

I guess we’ll get this as the Jetta wagon over here.
The Jetta already looks generic and not German at all. This is even more of a bland Japanese like design.
The tail lights seem out of place with the rest of the car.

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  1. I LOVE VWs. They’ve proven to be reliable, stylish transportation for me for decades. However, the rear end of this thing is unfortunate and I’m concerned about the design direction VW is headed.

  2. Agree the rear of this in very unfortunate, Volvo with the lights up high works much better. Gives it more of a sporty, modern look.

  3. The tailights look like it’s been ripped off or photoshopped from a 03 Nissan Sentra. It doesn’t follow the circular theme tail lights of other VWs…

  4. Screams “old crazy needs to retired English teacher!” Front looks fine…but like everyone else, those taillights…not up to par with look like a V-Dub.

  5. Funny how when posted on a Canadian forum people will say it looks like a saab or a the new 5-series wagon which is 100% true but you guys say it looks like a sentra or an accord?? Wow you guys pay no attention to detail! Japanese cars look cheap, efficient cars designed and produced by a coorporation simply to make money while selling cars like appliances, this car has a nice upscale look to it, a very european and detailed design

  6. Hey this wagon looks sharp down here compared to all the other vehicles we make and see on the back dirt roads in Mexico. Volkswagon has officialy been adopted by us down here south of the border.

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