Who will get Chrysler???

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Although not officially for sale, the Chrysler division of Daimler/Chrysler seems to already attract the weirdest offers.

I mean wasn’t GM almost bankrupt just a few months ago?
Now that can afford billions to get Chrysler.
And a Chinese company seems interested as well.
Hyundai apparently said no, so did Renault/Nissan.

But the Vince Burlapp company hasn’t said anything yet…

Some of you here mentioned the possibility. And why not.
I could hire Giugiaro full time and turn every sedan into RWD.
And that’s just the beginning.
( I would also bring back the old logo from the 70’s)

And Chrysler is a good deal. Apparently when the Germans “merged” it into Daimler, it was worth $ 35 billions.
Now it is estimated at maybe $ 5 billions. Good job.

But… $5 billions is still $5 billions….
So the dream will have to wait a little bit longer.
Unless I get off my computer and get the guts to call my old buddy Steve Jobs….
(It seems Pixar was worth way more than Chrysler last year…)

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  1. I would buy stock in VBC(Vince Burlapp Corp) tomorrow, but there should be some AWD cars.
    Vince you also have a Mac? I just got the Mac Book Pro.

    PS- The guy who designed the new Modeo should also be added to the Burlapp gang.

  2. And by the way. I have nothing against FWD cars. Quite the opposite.
    But the market seems to be leaning towards RWD right now. So give people what they want.
    Chrysler was one of the 1st to go back to RWD with their large sedans.
    And they missed the opportunity to repeat the same thing with their new mid sized cars.
    This would truley offer something different than the Camry/Accord/Altima crowd.
    There would be a good reason to get a Dodge or Chrysler.

    And also, spending around $200 per car in better interior quality would do wonders to the bottom line…

  3. Ahh, $5Bill is chump change anymore. Goldman Sachs would fund you. You would have to fund the UAW extortionists or incorporate in Bermuda. Bermuda would be a great place to work from. Rum-n-Cokes as a perk.

  4. It is 7:22 writer again- Vince, I think they should be rear wheel drive and then when the weather get rough, AWD should kick in….

    PS- Good luck w/ your Mac too. Windows along with their worm/virus problems and calling India for tech.
    questions just got to me….

  5. Hey Vince,

    You should let you buddy, Mr Leno, know – I’m pretty sure he’s got the heart & cash to buy it!

  6. Hey Vince, try the small business association, I’m certain they’d give you 5 extra large for your new car company. Good luck. Of course there’s also panhandling.

  7. chinese if I were guess, tons of cash (seen their trade surplus), and a ready made platform for their domestic vehicles

  8. Canada’s auto parts giant Magna Corporation wants to seriously own Chrysler. Frank Stronach has wanted his own car company for some time. They already assembly cars at their plant in Austria for Saab, BMW, Mercedes and Chrysler so they some relative experience.

  9. Vince, if you bring back the slant-six, I will fund you. Also, copious applications of the landau roof will seal the success of your venture!

  10. GM are not talking about paying real money, they are talking about trading shares. From the Daimler side I don’t know why it would be better to have a big share in GM than it would to have a bigger share in Chrysler.
    I don’t think I would buy shares in any of them.

  11. You gotta laugh, they paid 35 billion and some sued because they said they paid too little. Some observers think, with their unfunded pensions at roughly 15 billion it may not go for anything at all. Didn’t ford try to hire the same guy responsible for this mess? Didn’t ford try to hire the nissan guy whose combined company is also in the sh*t hole.

    Note to self, sometimes its best if you don’t get for what you ask.

  12. Dear Vince,An interesting news-rumour on Chrysler greatly improved (as usual) with your comments. I would be pleased to buy stocks from your company. I wouldn’t mind having Chrysler with everything RWD even if they had to use old Mercedes platforms (like in the 300C). Keep up the great job. Best regards from a colleague in blogspot:http://auto-future.blogspot.com/

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