2008 Infiniti G37 Coupe

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I must say I am a bid disappointed, at least from the car on the pictures. Maybe it is the color. Or something.
It just doesn’t look new. And doesn’t look expensive.

The new BMW 3 series coupe doesn’t look futuristic, but it does look very classy and expensive.
This lacks something.

The 3.7 engine will get 330 hp.

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  1. No it’s not the color the car is just blah, atleast from the pictures. The front end doesn’t go with the rest of the car and the rear is just stupid. The pictures look like professional photos, and they chose to show the car with an unfinished rear bumper?!

  2. What a huge disappointment! it looks almost exactly like the model it replaces! I was expecting something along the lines of thier Coupe Concept from last year. I’m sure it’s on heck of a car but this simply looks like a minor refresh of the ‘old’ model.

  3. There’s no “there” there. It’s comprised of too may lines we’ve seen before, and that hood shut line should be up at the top of the grill instead of back where it is.

  4. is it at all possible that someone just took either a pic of the new altima coupe or the old g35 coupe, spliced in the front end of the new g35 sedan, and then screwed around with the rear end?

    That car is awful….the front end is not bad, but the rear and sides…gawd, not even a mother could love it

    crap…this is infiniti’s answer to the new bmw 335 coupe and Audi A5?
    I can just see a designer at infiniti looking at these pics and saying “Oops…” to themself.

  5. I agree that it’s a bit disappointing, especially since it already looks outdated.

    However, seeing a few “studio” shots with the right lighting, it actually looks much better. So maybe it’s the color, or one would HAVE to see it in person.

    BTW, does anyone else see a little bit of the GTR from rear 3/4 view?

  6. When I first saw the front end, I automatically thought it was a Lexus ES…Not Good At All! I too was expecting the concept car and not just a major refresh. Looks like they took Ford’s idea.

  7. I like this design, but I liked it five years ago also. This doesn’t seem fresh or new to me today… actually, it looks quite dated. I’m getting tired of Nissans two design themes. Everything is either a used bar of soap, or it’s a crude truck. We saw it on the 2nd generation Altima, and the G35 coupe was the best interpretation of this design. But now it’s time to pen something more contemporary.

  8. While the “redesigned” G37 isn’t much of a redseign but a rehash, at least Nissan didn’t mess it up like they did with the now clunky-looking Altima.

  9. The design just completely lacks cohesiveness. The teaser pics made it look like they were just going to sharpen the design up a bit, but if anything everything is a bit more dull and disjointed. Is it me or can Nissan/Infiniti seem to only be able to design cars once, then struggle with redesigns?

  10. I don’t like the integrated “duck tail” spoiler. One of may favorite things about the G35 was it’s smooth, tapered rear end. I always though people who put spoilers on it ruined it. However, I guess it might need it now that they’re getting a lot of power in there.

  11. Every single one of you is on drugs! This car is a beauty and it will smoke anything else out there. Nuff said….

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