2008 Subaru Impreza

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This time it is the real thing!
Not that great but much better than all the illustrations I’ve seen of it.
The interior, at least on this picture, looks rather plain.

More very soon.

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  1. Not exactly a step forward, at least visually, and much more like a “weaker” (in styling) Hyundai compact now, without much of any of the bit of butch left. Other than that, probably all good mechanically, as Subaru almost always does, but I can’t shake the Hyundai/Kia feeling…SO much like a Kia Spectra, I think. We’ll see.

  2. Are you really sure those are real? It’s…hideous. And the interior looks like it’s lifted straight out of a used Daewoo.

    The current WRX is ugly in a fun and quirky way, and that’s part of its charm. But the car in these pictures looks like a Honda Fit with a Sebring front end. The Evo and Mazdaspeed3 will own this thing visually.

  3. Grandma and Grandpa will finally get them a speed machine! What was Subaru thinking?! Looks like ToMoCo got to it before Subaru did (they did take some kind of stake in Subaru right?). I was expecting something more aggressive…that is the WRX right? I hope not I am 100% with Mitsu if i was looking for a ricer car. It’s not ugly, but it’s not the Impreza/WRX that I know. Britney shaved her head and Anna Nicole died…I believe the folks that came up with this was hanging around Britney.

  4. It’s awful. I am surprise Subaru would style such garbage when they are able to perform such good work on the Subaru Legacy/Outback. Their new WRZ looks weak compared to the new Infiniti G37 and Hyundai Genesis Concept

  5. Why did the accent line from the side mirror to the taillights morph into one from headlights to tail lamps in the second pic? Oh, and that grill/front end is beyond lame.

    Ick. No thanks.

  6. The WRX of old never where pretty or terribly nice inside BUT they were manly and promoted a rally like image with the wide gaurds, big air dam, big foggies and wings and other stuff. It made the wrx the phsychotic cousin of runabout cars, and gave it road prescence over honda civics with industrial piping for exhuasts. Now the wrx has become an average car thing. Hopefully the sedan will be different but i think I might just get one of the old subes and look at the resale jump.

  7. *hurls*

    -this thing should have looked like a mini-legacy, not a mini-chromed out, altezza-lensed, ambiguously styled blue turd.

  8. Looks like a Corolla…. I think I read somewhere that they share some parts.. makes sense since this Impreza looks like a real hatch compared to the current model which looks more like a wagon.. It is sad cause Mechanically and technically this car is great.. but its not going to appeal to alot except current subaru owners who would have to work even harder now to make it stand out of the subcompact crowd!!! .. No where near a distinctive design.. very disappointing.! Les : (

  9. Looks like another version of the stupid ‘Smiley Grille’ the Asians are so nuts about over in there country. Just like the Honda CR-V, Americans are forced to adopt their styles as our own! These are vehicles, not living beings!

  10. Why is it Subaru can’t seem to design a good looking car? And the interior looks like an Aveo! Mitsu just sold more Evo’s!

  11. It looks like an ugly, riced-out Mazda. No matter how fast the new Impreza is, it’ll never outrun its own ugliness.

  12. The interior does look very plain or bland, and that grill looks lie it’s off the base model Impreza…what’s up with that? I think the rest of the car looks good though. I like the fact that it’s a hatch.

  13. Let’s just say upon viewing these production ready pics that I wouldm’t mind buying the current 07 WRX at all.

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