2008 Tribeca to get new nose

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And that is obviously just the current front end.

We’ll know more next month when Subaru will show us an all new front end for the B9.
It will also get a bit more power from the same engine.

To be fair, I am not sure if the front end should take all the blame.
Sitting in a Tribecca, you feel more like behind the wheel of a minivan than an SUV.
And that’s not really what people want. They want the SUV feel and look, without the SUV.
The interior looks great, but does feel a bit plasticky.
The cheaper Outback interior feels more upscale to me.

Maybe they’ll fix that too…

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  1. Vince, there is only one word in the dictionary that describes the Tribeca and that word is ‘FRUMPY’. Will they ever fix the problem with the dash air vents that can not be shut off no matter what mode you select. It is nice to have a constant blast of cold frigid air in your face in the middle of winter. Also, fuel economy has taken a back seat with this Subaru. My wife liked the looks of this beast and unfortunately that is how I got stuck buying one! You are 100% correct with the minivan reference and the cheap plastic interior. A face lift will not help this sorry platform, only a total redo would do the trick!

  2. Personally, I kinda like the Tribeca. To me it looks different but attractive. I love the interior the most–intuitive yet beautiful. The thing that is holding some people back I imagine is paying a high price tag for a Subaru–it just hasn’t caught many people’s attention.

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