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Looks like an early mule for the next RL.
Let’s hope it doesn’t look anything like that horrible sedan concept from the L.A Auto show…

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    1. The current RL isn’t THAT bad–just overpriced at $50K. Would make some sense at $40K considering competition, IMO.

      Maybe the senior Acura will have a V8 which is almost a requirement in cars offered at that level.

      The TL is a much better car for the money than the RL which is called the Honda Legend in Japan (and should be called the Legend here, too).

      I really dislike these dumb and confusing letters (RL, TL, RSX, TSX, etc.) that attempt to describe different car models.

    2. hey, the current rl looks good. and, its waaaay too soon to be testing mules for a next-generation.

    3. Agree, it is a relatively new model. That being said it sells like a dog. They can’t give them away. Maybe they are bitting the bullit and redoing immediately.

    4. The current RL looks like a bloated Accord. Why do you think it doesn’t sell very well? The interior is gorgeous, but you have to get past the plain vanilla exterior first.

    5. i hate the letters to. its so pretentious. Acura is trying to be something its not. even tho i love honda, the acura nameplate doesnt give them permission to overprice some of their products the way they do.

    6. The current RL looks good. It would look much better if they used 18 or 19 inch interesting looking wheels and a smaller gap between the wheel and the arch. The rear looks more estate than the front. Acura needs to abandon the wedge shape design.

    7. At first glance, I thought this was a G6. This looks like a nice $23,000 car. Not one that costs $55k.

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