All new Fiat 500

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You have to wonder whay such a major event like the return of the legendary Fiat 500 was not at the Geneva show a few weeks ago…

In any case, I think this does look great.
I would rather drive this than the Smart.

I am not sure what are the engines and I don’t really care.
All I know is that it looks great, and we will never see one in the US….

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  1. I hope it is no longer has that (F)ix (I)t (A)gain (T)ony reputation, otherwise it would be a nice seller in the US with the right warranty and price.

  2. As much as I don’t like tiny cars, I could really see myself driving one of these… The smart looks like a piece of crap next to this thing.

    This car really does have soul, it’s a real shame we don’t have more like this.

  3. Why can’t cars such as the Yaris sedan and the Accent sedan(larger than this, but “small” cars,to most in USA), look this good, with unique styling, inside and out( the Accent SE looks decent, 3 doors… but this is more of an unusual, “cool” looking design).

  4. This little care is awesome. It is way better then the smart, too bad we wont get one around the states. This care really does have a soul.

  5. Looks great. Not sure if I’d buy a Fiat, but it looks great. Compare the interior (and overall look as well) to the Subaru R1 sold in Japan:

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