Audi R8 at $109 000 in the US!

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And they will charge $9000 extra for the automatic!

That compares with $78 200 for an AWD Porsche 911. ( $88 400 for the more powerful Carrera C4S)
Or $110 000 for the Aston Martin V8 Vantage.

I would call this another case of too much self confidence from Audi/VW.

Most sports car people just dream of the 911. And the legend is over $30 000 less than the newcomer.
Even the super exotic, and very exclusive, Aston Martin is almost the same price.

Good luck…

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  1. Of course they are confidence. They almost sold out this year manufacturing target already. Some markets even started accepting offers for next year quota. For some this may be an expensive Audi; for buyers, this is a cheap way to get a Bugatti. With the coming of W12 and/or V12 TDI verison, this is a real 911 killer.

  2. This car is in trouble at that price range. It lacks the classic lines and elegance of Astons and Lambos and even the 911. To me it looks like an auto concept car from 10 years ago.

  3. I did see it in person.
    And it is very impressive.
    But I don’t think its appeal will last past the first few years where some people must have the newest thing.
    The 911 has been a dream for so many for many decades.

  4. i think the 911 looks aged and plain next to this futuristic r8.

    also, the audi’s interior is nicer, as are it’s choice of engines. while a $30 000 price difference might seem excessive, you are comparing a base 911… which, no one really buys. once you start piling on the options in the 911, its price climbs quickly. the r8, from my understanding, comes farily loaded.

    also, if you’re spending that much money on a car, i dont think you’d be as price sensitive.

  5. I really like the idea of the R8, but if I was going to spend enough money to buy a house, I would buy an Aston Martin or two regular Audi’s.

  6. Whether this sells or not will depend on how many they build. The Porsche Carrera GT was a fine sports car that was quite pricey for not much more performance, however, it is worth more than buyers paid now because it is out of production.
    If AUDI plans on making as many as 911s, then it will loose money, and lots of it. DSG is NOT worth $9000 AUDI, get it right! It might be badass not not much different from SMGIII.

  7. Might as well go for the V8 Vantage, a slight trade in performance(?) for much better looks.

    I though the R8 was supposed to be an indirect upscaled replacement for the TT? Still it surprises me that it has taken Audi this long to completely price a model out of its market considering thats pretty much has been Volkswagen’s business plan since the the early 90s.

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