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The new Saturn Aura green line Hybrid will start at $22 695, including transport.
That is about $100 less than the Prius.

But the mileage is a very ‘un-hybrid’ 28mpg in the city and 35 hwy.
The Altima Hybrid is rated at 41 city/36hwy.
And the cheaper Camry LE with a regular 2.4 Liter is rated at 24 city and 33 hwy. Pretty close, and very good for a failry large car.
The Aura puts out only 160hp, same as the non hybrid Camry.

What is the point of this car exactly and who will ever buy it?
Anyone spending 10 minutes researching can understand this isn’t a good deal.
Unless you must have a Hybrid logo on your car.

I like the Aura, and I like Hybrids.
This one just doesn’t make any sense to me…

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  1. It seems like big news that this is being priced so competitivly by GM. Im sure it will improve their reputation.

    Its unfortunate that GM has always just viewed hybrids as smart marketing gimicks by the japanese rather than the next major fuel saving technology. Which i think it is.

    I wonder if this aura here is missing those electric motors that capture breaking energy. Maybe its not a full hybrid? And there explains the low price.

  2. Hybrids are feel good pablum for greenies and make no economic sense.

    The Prius is economical averaging an honest 45 MPG (my sister-in-law has one), and it’s a useful hatchback design. Still, it’s esentially a very expensive Corolla variant.

    The Saturn Aura is a good car and it’s best to buy it without the hybrid nonsense.

    My ’04 Accord EX-L (4 cyl. with AT) gets about 22+ in the city, 33+ on the highway, and averages 24.5 MPG in mixed driving. And that’s without the extra cost and complexity of a hybrid system.

    Unless someone expects to do mostly city driving where the fuel cut-off during idling does the most good, the Saturn Aura is otherwise a waste IMO.

  3. I’m with ya on this one.
    My friend’s Camry (2.4L) gets about 30 MPG consistently, so I just don’t know the advantages to this Aura Hybrid; other than getting a tax break…

    I do like the design/look of Aura regardless.

  4. I agree.
    Why bother?
    I have seen this on a few others sites/etc… earlier today, and I was in shock at how(big 3 fans) some support this as the Next Big Thing In USA automotive history!

    Does not matter that there are better hybrids, in the same size range, or close to same size vehicles.
    GM’s First Hybrid Car!
    Wow! Progress( only what, 5-10 years behind Toyota and Honda with hybrids?).

    What’s next? Cobalt getting 38 MPG( like the Civic, or Corolla?) lol.
    And it’ll be called ” a wonder” by it’s fans!?

  5. They show ya the Voltz, and give ya this?
    Spend the 100 dollars more, and get the Prius( edmunds long term ranks the 04 at best MPG over 50!…still have the car, until it hits 100,000 miles, and nearly 1/2 way there now).
    Gimme 50+ (eventually, after some miles on the Prius)…vs 35-37!
    How sorry is this?
    My friend said this set up is like a “big Alternator” on the car, to boost it(start it) after the engine shuts off?
    Is this true? The battery pack is the “jump” it needs, vs electric motors , to power the thing for the first 25-30 MPH?
    Any way you look at it, 22,000 for 35 MPG hwy?
    G6 gets 31-32, and costs less!
    This is all a publicity stunt, in the hopes the GM faithful will buy these in droves.
    When they get 50/51 like Civic, or Prius, or even MPG like cars vince mentioned, THEN, and ONLY THEN, will I be impressed.

    This is “propaganda” for the Big 3, boost CAFE numbers. nothing more.And not boosting the very effectively, either!

  6. This proves that GM will not be able to compete with the Asian car companies as new technologies progress. It’s all over for the American car companies.

  7. If these mileage numbers are accurate, I agree with you. However, just like the Prius, there is no way the Altima is going to get the numbers they indicate. While not outstanding or, the numbers indicated for the Aura hybrid seem very realistic and more in line with what most hybrid owners see. Are all of these companies using the same newer testing methods?

  8. People who don’t want to spend thousands more for a Toyota, Honda or Nissan hybrid that won’t get their advertised MPG will probably go for the Aura hybrid. That money buys a lot of gas. Plus most hybrid owners just like the “hybrid” nameplate on their car.

  9. Ignore my comment on the 2008 gas mileage ratings….posted it before I knew the Aura was still 2007. It will go down as well then.

  10. This car does qualify for a $1300 tax credit though, so that does lower the price quite a bit. The Aura mpg is listed under the new calculation, Camary’s new MPG 21 and 30. So I guess it helps a little in the city. Also Nissan got killed in the new rating of their hybrid, it’s now 35 and 33. Doesn’t seem like any of them do all that great.

  11. The Aura does get better mileage on the HWY, unlike other Hybrids.
    I think it is because unlike most others, it never runs on just electric power.
    Also, Camry Hybrid owners routinely report getting around 36 or 37mpg in the city.
    So these “new 2008” numbers quoted don’t make any sense…

  12. Vince Burlapp said:
    ….Also, Camry Hybrid owners routinely report getting around 36 or 37mpg in the city.
    So these “new 2008” numbers quoted don’t make any sense…

    9:57 AM
    I dont’ go by a guide for MPG. I go by what I can viusually see, and personally know about.
    Our 04 Scion tC, automatic, is rated for 30 MPG hwy…. yes, that was ture for the first few thousand miles… today? As I said before, 32-34MPG! 160HP.
    So, the Guide(EPA) says 30, My miles driven divided by gallons of gas =32-34 MPG, depending on if we floor it or not.
    Salesman told me once all toyota’s low-ball the MPG, at first, then after break in, go past the EPA by 2-4 MPG.
    So, if the 08 guide says 28, and I am really getting 32=34… what do i believe,some geek writing a book, to tell me what I KNOW I[m getting, I can see with my own eyes?
    Like one guy said, Edmudns reported Worst MPG for prius(brand new, in 2004) at 33MPG…. but now have been reporting 50-54MPG ratings EVERY TIME they enter MPG into the 04 Long Term Prius Blog.
    So…. it loses 6 mpg… does nto get the touted 60 MPG(maybe if they drove in all city, slowly?)…
    so what!
    And that Guide? They Can Keep It, to line the bottom of a bird cage!

    50 MPG AVG is what I KNOW from personal friend/ownership of 2004! If you get less than 48 MPG, at 50,000 miles…on any Prius, YOU’RE Flooring the gas pedal on it!
    I KNOW. If I did not know, I would not comment, unlike many others.

    My 04 Sonata can get close to 29 MPG(finally!) at 40,000 miles, mostly hwy, 65MPH, and on cruise.
    EPA says 27.

    When GM makes a car , labeled Midsized sedan/hatch, liek the Prius is, and at 50,000 miles, EVERY WEEK< EVERY TANK OF GAS< GETS 50 MPG plus, liek EDMUNDS test says... then I will say they are finally into the 21st centruty with their technology!
    You guys act like GM just had invented America!LOL.

    PS: I’ll wait for the rumored 09 Sonata Hybrid( probably low ball them all on price, and beat them on warranty, too).

  13. Aura mild “Hybrid” is a good start for GM. I hope they keep their promise to sell a Aura Hybrid model w/ plug-in feature by 2009 or 2010 model. They also say that this year they will start selling the new Vue with that feature.

    Vince do you know if DODGE has started selling the Durango Hybrid yet?

    I have to give the Domestic a clap. Let’s just hope that they continue so we can all applaud them for innovation and fuel efficiency.

  14. I am not sure when, but yes, the Hybrid Durango is on track.
    After almost being cancelled a while ago.
    Also a “mild” hybrid with little effect on the gas mileage…

  15. Vince Burlapp said…
    I am not sure when, but yes, the Hybrid Durango is on track.
    After almost being cancelled a while ago.
    Also a “mild” hybrid with little effect on the gas mileage…

    8:46 PM
    Remember this, at least it isn’t your(or my) money, if someone decides to buy this vehicle.

  16. Why all the whining about the Aura’s “less than” hybrid MPG numbers. Aren’t hybrids also about less pollutants? So wouldn’t the mild hybrid in the Aura pump out less pollutants than even a non-hybrid 4 while getting similar MPG numbers? Some people are never satisfied.

  17. Regarding hybrids, I know I’m beating a dead horse and that everyone has already bought-into the idea of hybrids… but what is the total impact of adding a secondary driveline to a vehicle? What are the added expenses and environmental impacts of mining the materials for the batteries, shipping raw materials across the ocean, manufacturing them, shipping finished batteries to the automaker, and energy required to dispose of them after a few years? Automakers should be required to explain the total “carbon footprint” of a hybrid vehicle (and all vehicles for that matter), which include all of these production stages. Until then, I see the environmental benefits of hybrid technology as a complete farce.

  18. Anonymous at 11:32 AM,

    Give me a break with dictating that automobile manufacturers should detail what the overall carbon foot print would be for each car built!! Do you ask this of your Pizza Delivery company when you order a pizza? Do you look for a carbon foot print rating for the underwear you buy at Wal-mart? Feel guilty and make changes to your consumer habits before thinking the creation of carbon dioxide is all the manufacturers faults. They only build and sell what we as consumers buy.

  19. To Commenter @ 1:30 pm

    Perfect Comments. My only addition is They also Built what they wanted us to buy. SUV and Cross-over aren’t new they are just re-hash of the old family wagon. And Manufactures told us the family wagon & Mini Van aren’t cool. So go buy a SUV that only looks like a family wagon with raised suspension, big tires and bad fuel economy.

    To Commenter at 11:32

    Do you have the same questions for the gas engine, seats and other parts in your vehicle or all the other gas vehicles out there. Don’t try to pin some wacky guilt on the hybrids if they suffer these problems so does the regular gas vehicle, which as a bigger & longer running carbon footprint than Hybrids have.


  20. “Do you ask this of your Pizza Delivery company when you order a pizza? “

    You missed the point. You don’t order a pizza with the intent of stopping global warming or saving the earth’s resources. You do buy a hybrid car for that purpose. Wouldn’t it be interesting if buying a hybrid vehicle actually netted a worse environmental effect than a conventional vehical? You’re right, peopple buy what they want. But people also do what they’re told. We see this with the celebrity/Prius hype. I think that if automakers are going to claim “green,” they’d better be ready to back it up with the aggregate effects.

  21. I’m already tiring of this design, and I haven’t even seen on on the road yet. In fact, I rarely see any Saturns on the road, and I live in middle Tennessee where they make them.

  22. I’m looking at an Aura right now. It just pulled up to a garage on Hudston St right by the Holland Tunnel. It’s burgundy, which isn’t a color I like very much. But I think the car looks very good otherwise. I’m sure people will give me million definitive reasons why I’m wrong. I’ve seen quite a few… a good number considering they haven’t been out very long.

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