Buick Lacrosse and Lucerne “Super”

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I guess it just means more chrome, bigger grilles and more power.
Not sure if that will help save Buick.
The Enclave is a big move in the right direction, but this is not even necessary.
Pretty much a waste of GM’s money, I think….

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  1. hush.. don’t tell them that Vince

    I need to buy a good & cheap used Buick in a few years 😀
    They make very good used cars!

    Wouldn’t want to buy any new Buick for any reason tho, even the amazingly good looking Enclave.

  2. I love the new Buicks! They look more youth oriented, but I have never disliked or loved Buick, but I would drive one if you hand me the keys…So I say god job Buick!

  3. best cars are getting better!
    why even consider a lexus toyota when you can have a pice of us history for less money

  4. These new Buicks look OK–better now with the prominent grille that’s reminiscent of the toothy Buicks from the ’40’s and early ’50s.

    Hard to say if younger people understand or care about that connection–probably not.

    It’d be sad to see Buick go the way of Oldsmobile, so I hope these Buicks are successful.

  5. Being a fan of GM cars, I must say this is a dissappointment, I was looking forward the new Super range of Buicks. With of GM’s newest models, I had high expectations for the Supers, better design, possible interior updates (redesigned or signficantly updated). The new front ends of these models are overdone and speak “cheap” all over, the standard models look more upscale than these. i was never a huge fan of the interiors of these cars and the addition of aluminum / satin look to them does nothing for them. I hope GM does alot better with the next gen Lucerne and Lacrosse. Indeed Buicks are reliable, but that’s all they are.

  6. I don’t think they’re bad at all. Good to see the old chrome plate back in vogue(?). At least they have a splash of identity. GM seem to be getting some focus back into their product.

  7. Too bad they didn’t implement all wheel drive to take better advantage of the additional power. They look very nice though.

  8. This is from the guy who plan to buy a used Buick

    Vince, more importantly, do you know if these supers will have the new Buick V6 engines?
    The one that they promise will be able to keep up with the competition (in terms of fuel economy vs HP vs reliability)

  9. Here i some more info:

    “The recently announced 2008 LaCrosse Super introduces a V-8 engine and portholes to the LaCrosse lineup. With the fuel efficiency of a V-6, the new 300-horsepower (224 kW)* 5.3L small-block V-8 with Active Fuel Management (AFM) technology can propel LaCrosse Super from 0-60 mph in 5.7 seconds. GM’s AFM engine technology seamlessly switches between four- and eight-cylinder power to save fuel.”

    The CL and CXL still have the 3.8 Liter V6 and the CXS has the same 3.6Liter it had before.

  10. Indeed Buicks are reliable, but that’s all they are.

    Yep. Now with larger, more reliable grills.

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