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That’s right.
There is now a wagon version of the Saab 9.3 based BLS for the European market only.
And I don’t think it looks as good as the Saab version at all.

The BLS isn’t exactly a big hit in Europe. We’ll see if a wagon is what it takes to turn things around.

I guess this might even be the 1st official Cadillac wagon ever.

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  1. It looks good. But I question the wisdom of spending even more money to develop other iterations of a car that has been met with lukewarm response. Tooling, testing and marketing is expensive, and this car just doesn’t seem to warrant the effort. Has the BLS been selling well enough to justify a wagon variant? Unless this car is going to enhance the Cadillac brand in Europe, this doesn’t seem like a good idea.

  2. “I guess this might even be the 1st official Cadillac wagon ever.”

    Not if you include Cadillac hearses and ambulances.

  3. Bring it to the U.S. – the timing seems right now that we’re over minivans and superhuge SUVs.

    However, I’d like to see the BLS without that roof rack and ugly wheels.

  4. i’d rather buy the saab it’s more original, saab is still swedish , ah imagine the trip to ikea on your saab………….^_^

  5. This still looks frumpy dorky like the sport combi 9-3 ! and having good taste and an OPINION are 2 different things !

  6. This car won’t sell in Europe. And it wouldn’t sell in North America (except maybe Canada) either. And a Cadillac that doesn’t sell in America isn’t a Cadillac, its a Saab. – G

  7. Is the Holden Commodore (G8) to some, going to take these design cues for its new wagon due out early 2008.

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