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GM annouced today it will seel the new Camaro in Europe in 2009.
Good news for our European cousins, if they can afford the gas bill that comes with a sporty V8.

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  1. The first Camaro was a light, tossable, fun car based on an economical platform. This new one is a bloated, high-horsepower fantasy for people still living in the 60’s. Grow up and drive your kids to college.

    Or just retire already.

  2. Gas tax… $7 a gallon is bad enough but the engine displacement tax will kill them. I think they are taxed with every breath they take now as well (carbon tax) so it would be best to put a 2 liter diesel in this thing. There is also the wide tire tax, evil american product tax, non-friendly front-end styling tax, cause the EU said so tax, microsoft is evil tax, americans are wasteful tax, tuesday morning tax…. Most Europeons just walk.

  3. Let’s hope that this car is as upscale as it needs to be and is a fantastic performer. Because this is going to be a pricy car for europeans to operate.

  4. Some Europeans seem to have no problem driving powerful, gas-guzzling, home-grown cars, so the Camaro shouldn’t be too much of a burden on these European cousins.

    And if anyone doesn’t want to drive such a ” bloated, high-horsepower fantasy”, perhaps retirement is a smart alternative.

  5. nobody wants a fat, ponderous v-8, non-cornering, automatic transmissioned car in Europe. Proof that GM is lost. Imagine a company so off track that they are scrambling to bring back cars from an era long gone???? the only reason they were considered good carsway back when is because the japanese and Germans hadn’t schooled these MF’s yet. Gm is done and this feeble attempt at recalling the lopsided glory days is just that!

  6. Dr. Carr,
    The Euopeans have plenty of fat, ponderous, automatic transmissioned V8 and 10 and 12 cyl cars of their own. It’s a bit early to knowingly say that the Camarro is “fat” or “non-cornering.” Because, as you know, this is only a concept right now. As for the Japanese and Germans “schooling these MFs,” which mainstream car ever did that? The Camry, the 280ZX, the Celica, the Passat? Hardly. The Camaro will be a pricy low-volume niche vehicle in Europe. And it will do very well.

  7. “Non-cornering”? Have you driven the new Camaro Dr. Carr, or are you simply pulling that vapid comment out of your posterior? As far as ” fat, ponderous V8, automatic transmissioned cars” in Europe, there are plenty that fit that description on Europe’s highways and byways, and if you’ve ever driven over there you’ll notice them.

  8. When I lived in Germany many years ago, Auto trans were almost non-existent. Today, more and more Europeans are choosing automatics because, like us, the roads are getting crowded/jamed. It was wierd to see a 5-speed manual tranny in a Mercedes S-Class…Not to mention cloth seats.

    GM will sell at least a handful of Camaros in Europe. The Germans want Mustangs and Jeeps pretty bad too.

  9. just what the Dr. ordered…a reaction as predictable as apple pie. You american losers continuosly embarass yourselves with idiotic american ideas. Your cars are crap, your women are whores and everyone on the planet despises you. War mongers! You simple minded red neck losers have caused unrest throughout the world. Laughable how y’all can look in the mirror and still defend american “GARBAGE” product!Let alone your values and morals.

  10. I have been to europe and not one country. I have been extensively to italy, germany, switzerland ,england and france. 90% or more of the cars in europe are small, diesel or turbo-diesel 5 0r 6 speeds. In this case , the Dr., I believe is right on the money. They will sell 30 of these to rich people who want something different. That’s it!

  11. Dr. Carr,

    Are you French? Based on your friendly and endearing nature, you might be. Clearly you have more than just automotive issues. Actually, it appears you might need medication. Then you’d be composed enough to understand that we don’t really care what the rest of the world thinks of us.

  12. “…90% or more of the cars in europe are small”

    Yes. And this would be a low volume car. Just like a Range Rover, Lambo, Ferrari, any of the 8 and 12 cyl MBs or BMWs and all of the other high-performance cars that you occasionally see. You do realize that Chevy does offer plenty of small vehicles, no? I assume those will be offered as well and that this would be a halo vehicle to drive foot-traffic into showrooms. I’m sure that Clarkson will tear it apart.

  13. But it was developed in Australia so the driving dynamics should be top notch. Only Americans like sloppy cars because the roads in the US are straight as an asian kid’s bangs.

  14. Contrary to one post here, Dr. Carr does not pull his comments from his posterior. That’s where he keeps his head.

  15. The Camaro will probably be offered with GMs new 2.9 liter turbodiesel in Europe. I cant imagine a turbodiesel Camaro in the States. It will also be available with right hand drive for the Brits.

  16. I hope we caused unrest thruout the world… maybe now that your all rested you could go out and get jobs and get off welfare.

  17. Dr. Autto says,

    I’d happily drive a new Camaro. As a European, such a car is a nice change of pace to the baby shoe-sized eurasian rollerskates we drive over on this side of the pond. It’s hard to get all jazzed about cars like the new Twingo.

  18. “But it was developed in Australia so the driving dynamics should be top notch. Only Americans like sloppy cars because the roads in the US are straight as an asian kid’s bangs.”

    As an American of Asian descent, I find your comment that only Americans like sloppy cars to be as dumb as a box of rocks. If you think all US roads are straight as an asian kid’s bangs, you clearly need to get out more.

  19. Thank you for participating in my little experiment. I have taken over as the topic of conversation. But, my simple friends, you musn’t be hostile, this is human nature. We are here to talk cars, let’s get back on track kiddies. I see there is some intelligence out there that recognizes brilliance. And to you my dear fellow, prestige and honour!

  20. A diesel Camaro…whats next, a Ferrari diesel wagon…or even more laughable, a Porsche SUV…Oh…wait…..

  21. They sold the GTO as a Vauxhall in Britain. (Vauxhall Monaro -Fastest Vauxhall ever). It was well received by press and public. If you wanted a gas guzzler the Monaro was a much cheaper option than comparable BMW or Mercedes gas guzzlers. Quantities were limited though. Possibly due to import/certification rules.

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