Chevrolet Trax concept

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Not sure what this is supposed to be.
Obviously small. Small car, crossover?
A preview of something to be produced? Or not?

I like the look. We’ll see it it becomes anything….

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  1. Chevy is going to show three “mini” concepts at the NY autoshow and have people vote on which one should be made. Apparently there is a going to be a “global” mini platform coming soon. I for one like this one.

  2. It’s going to be smaller than an Element. One of three concepts GM will unveil at NYIAS. Then they are going to have a vote at to see which one the public likes better to gage interest.

  3. Looks like the lovechild of an Aveo and a bullfrog. We already have the HHR PT Cruiser knock off here, I say leave this for China.

  4. This has a 1.0 L gasoline engine, supposedly(according to other news sites).
    It is a “SMART car competitor, and in America… I don’t see any huge demand for a go-kart for the highways.

  5. I really love the idea for a wind-up sized car, but they should make them look like cars instead of looking like they put a toy car on steroids. It seems like the smaller the car gets the more it looks like an SUV or something out of a Tim Burton movie.

  6. Cute. It has an expressive face like the original Neon did when Dodge introduced the “Hi” ad campaign.

    I like it.

  7. I like. looks very european! now, why can’t gm bring these cars to reality without losing the ‘concept’ look?

    sure, it is daring but that’s what makes a forward-thinking company. instead they churn out boring bread-and-butter cars 🙁

    i would give gm a second look even though it might not be as reliable as a toyota. right now, both gm and toyota have boring cars so why not drive a more reliable car.

    sex sells and sexy sells too.

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