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I must admit, super fast compact cars aren’t my cup of tea.

But this hatchback version of the upcoming Mitsubishi Evo X is much better looking than the new Subaru Impreza.
It looks like the US will get both the sedan and hatch versions of the Subaru.
Let’s hope Mitsubishi does the same with the next Evo.

This hatch on the “regular” Lancer would be great too…

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  1. Remove that useless and ugly wing from the back and trade the pimp car wheels for classier ones and there’s a nice looking car under that crap.

  2. The EVO X photoshop is based on Ope/Vauxhall/Holden VECTRA GTS. Car looks great! the Vectra that is… Mistubishis not so…

  3. Mitsubishi has already shown the hatch last year as a concept.
    The illustration is probably based on that, not an Opel.

  4. But the back section of the concept looks nothing like that. It’s far sleeker and better looking.

    It definitely has a Vectra shopped in.

  5. It is funny to see all the manufacturers are jumping on the band wagon to make “Cross-over” vehicles even for the high performance models. We might see Enzo in a wagon body very soon…

  6. 1231pm…. umm, this is NOT a cross-over! Do you know what one is?
    The definition of a crossover, in general, is , for example, like a Caliber: Lancer platform(car) made to look like an SUV, in dimensions and styling.
    A station wagon( in 70’s terminology)… was a 5 door car. This is a 5 door CAR. Not a car, that looks like a truck or SUV.

  7. 12:31PM(from me, 9:05pm poster)…
    This supports what I posted about CUV..crossover vehicles…

    Just a car that looks like a sport utility vehicle.

    This is nothing like that.
    Sure does not look like a Sports Utility Vehicle I have ever seen.

    Just thought I’d post this link. I know many people like links to facts, vs”just your opinions”.
    So, here ya go, folks.

    This is a car , a sports car, in fact, 3,2, 5 ,
    AWD/FWD, RWD…Whatever.

  8. Vince,

    I have to admit, I agree with you and some eartlier posters. This would make an excellent addition to both the Evo and Base Lancer models. Mitsubishi are you listening! That photoshop is just the Euro concept in a different color and a bad wing add-on.

    Build it & We’ll buy Them!

  9. 2007 version from Beijing Auto Show in 2006(according to this link). Liked the 05 concept better.Who knows what they will do at the very end, for production. I concur with Vince, though,Bring it, and for ALL versions, not just the EVO version.A Lancer hatchback(even just the “normal” 152HP version) would , to me, be more useful than a sedan.

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