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Well, it’s official. The new G37 isn’t getting the cool interior from last year’s concept.
Another dream shattered…

The regular sedan interior is very nice (a friend of mine just got a 2007 sedan and it is a great car).
But I was hoping for the “extra step”.

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  1. Actually, the inside of the G37 isn’t really a bad place to be. It saves you from having to look at the G37s bland and unoriginal outside.

  2. Good God, but the cockpit of the new G37 is nicer than the hovel I live in! Nissan/Infiniti be praised!

  3. Its too bad they didn’t make it like the concepts. It wasn’t that advanced. If the interior was nice, then I would probably buy the G37 over the IS350.

  4. are you guys that retarded to think that the just-released 2007 sedan with new interior would then be followed with a new coupe with different interior?

    Also, to be fair, you should at least show me one concept whose interior went right into production. Get serious.

    And, are you serious that the Lexuis interior on their ‘bargain’ model they call the 350 is better than the infiniti…i suggest you start looking more closely at whats offered…like the touch screen GPS, CD to HDD ripper built in, CF slot, and on and on.

  5. That second interior is beautiful, sat in the car at the NAIAS. Volvo put its floating center console right into production, and I understand the XC60 Ipod like console is going to for the most part be production as well.

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