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I must say I was expecting much more from the new Small Hybrid concept from Honda.
I thought this would be a preview of an upcoming small hybrid car.
Not the usual Buck Rogers type concept that we’ll never see in production.
And it just looks too weird and unattractive anyway.

A waste of time…

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  1. It may be a waste of time design-wise, but most of these hybrid concepts are showcasing the technology Honda is producing or going to produce down the line. I’ll wait to see what the specs of the engine are before I call it a waste of time.

  2. I would buy this car …I missed out on the crx and the si…Honda stuff grows on me and i like this simple design

  3. i love this thing. I seriously want cars to look like what they though cars of the future would look like in the movie Back to the Future II. honda’s finally fulfilling my wishes. please make the crx look like this

  4. Vince, the comments on each of the new models you post are so predictable, you could save time with having to review new comments and just copy and paste over and over again.

    Either a new design is “fugly” “ridiculous”, “their sales will plummit” OR they are “dated” “nothing new” “looks good for an ’80s design,” etc. It was nice to see a couple of preceding folks who like the looks of this Honda.

    It is human nature these days to be critical. It takes too much brain power I guess to say something constructive. And while this design might not be something I would buy, hats off to Honda for thinking outside the box. Most of the time Honda has been considered too conservative in their designs. But Honda is the best buy in my book overall, so if it looks better than the Clampett’s pickup, I’d take one anyway.

    Have a great day Vince and thanks for letting me get this off my chest, have been wanting to make that comment since I first found your site……

  5. I don’tmind the design, but it is only 4000 mm in length( from the conversion chart I looked at, 1000 mm= 1 Meter= around 39 inches….so, it is a tinybit over 13 feet, or 156 inches, total length… the Rabbit, it is nearly 3/4ths of a foot longer, for example,a nd to me, that is too small).
    Make this something in the Yaris sedan(*14 feet, at the very least, in length) size, and 18-19K, yeah, I’d check it out.
    As is, no. Hope they build that conpcet/illsutration Vince showed us awhile back, the updated insight, but for 5 people?

  6. It would be funny to think that Honda would build this as the next “CRX” but as a hybrid similar to the Accord hybrid in terms of performance per 1.8 liter IMA and price it below 20k. Then how many would consider buying one?

  7. They should modern-ize the front of the good ol’ Insight and stick in a new engine. Maybe make it less pricey, too.

    I know some people who would buy that.

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