Hyundai Genesis concept

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This concept will be shown at the New York show next month.
And unlike all other Hyundai concepts, this one is a actual preview of an upcoming model.
It is basically Hyundai’s new large sedan with show car wheels and other details.

I am not sure if the production car will use the Genesis name (Or if Phil Collins will be in the commercials).

I hear European rumors about the name i70.
The car will be RWD, and will offer the choice of a 3.8 Liter V6 or 4.6 Liter V8.
Hyundai claims it will compete with the BMW 5 series and the Lexus GS.

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  1. Back end looks great. Plus its RWD. And its a Hyundai so its reasonably priced. And the design is not a copy. If they get the driving dynamics down, I’d buy.

  2. Agreed with 1st comment. A reasonable priced V8 RWD sedan with proper driving dynamics is what the US market needs.

  3. the design is not a copy? look at the rear its the same trunk as the new 3 series from bmw, and the front grille looks like its been ripped off of the toyota camry, i just hope they get their proportions right and if it looks like this picture then its ok, i care more about the price than hyundai’s styling in my opinion.

  4. Not sure why Hyundai released a drawing of what looks like a flattened Toyota Camry, since all the spy photos of the Equus/Genesis/Whatever out there show a more upright, staid sedan.

  5. It looks exactly like a Camry. They could have at least changed the grill to look like Veracruz or something. At least it will be RWD and with the option of a V8.

  6. Ya I agree the front end is Camry, but the back isn’t BMW, take a look at the current Elantra, it looks just like that.

  7. Hey!!!

    “As anyone noticed that it looks like a Camry?

    No, we haven’t. That’s very astute of you to notice.

    Thank you. You do know I have an eye for car design.

    I didn’t know that. It takes a special individual to see the simalarites.”

    Let’s see how many comments we can get that say Camry.

  8. I can’t wait to see this car in person. This may look similar to the new Camry, But to me it looks the way the Camry SHOULD have looked.

  9. It’s a Camry, It’s a BMer, it’s a..?

    Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! The BH has been in development for what? the last 4 years?

    The design was already set two years after testing well before the release of the current Camry. So why would Hyundai release a mere drawing on the eve of the launch of one of their most important cars?

    Unless…? they cleverly wanted the kind of buzzy speculation about a brand new soon to be released model?

    I don’t believe the BH will look anything like a Camry and furthermore when was the last time an auto manufacturer’s drawing looked anything like their in-the-metal copy?

    I’ll reserve my comment until I see the real deal!


  10. Actually, maybe I’m crazy (…) but it does remind me of the Jaguar c-FX concept we saw recently.
    At least from these drawings.

    I am sure it will be a decent car, but no one considering a 5 series will even look at this.
    It might have a small chance to get a few Lexus GS buyers.
    Or high end Camry owners who want more luxury..

  11. Hey it looks a lot like the Aurion we have in Australia, but then the Aurion is really just a 6 cylinder C—–.
    Another stupid hotrod picture that doesn’t give any idea of proportion. Car companies should sack these stylists who draw unrealistic cars.

  12. Okay, I have to admit that before I even read the comments, my first reaction to the drawing was, “That’s a Camry”. Notice that I didn’t say “Is that a Camry?”…

    Anyway, i’m sure that as many of you have pointed out, it is just an artist’s rendering (sort of like a badly photoshopped image on a tabloid magazine), so it must be far from what the car will really look like, especially given the fact that we’ve already see spy pictures of the upcoming BH.

    Now I wonder what BH stands for… Could it be BHahahahaha, as in “Oh you got a Hyundai, BHahahaha!”?
    Just kidding, just kidding, I actually respect Hyundai for its efforts.

  13. These are not “artist renderings” but official sketches from Hyundai.
    Pictures will come very soon.

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