BMW M5 Touring

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If you must have a mid sized wagon with a V10 engine and have to get somewhere fast, doing 0 to 60 under 5 seconds.
This is for you.
Otherwise, this is either an overpriced crazy piece of machinery, or a wonderful display of engineering…

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  1. Overpriced, unreliable silliness for those who have to prove how stupid they are with money. But, hey, to each her husband’s own.

  2. This thing is just as boring as the Golf/Jetta wagon from all other angles than the front.

    Besides the front and the BMW logos, this could easily be a japanese or worse a korean car.

    Not good on BMW

  3. This is a good idea. I don’t understand the point of a supercar that can do 200 yet can’t even carry a weekend’s worth of luggage…..

  4. hey i would take this over the sedan any day

    it’s just too bad that bmw doesnt offer a third row seat

  5. hey why not? bmw needs a competition for the mercedes e63 amg wagon. i however take the mercedes over the bimmer because i can carry 2 more kids in the back.

  6. Why should all the fun be ruined by having kids, a dog and a grocery list? This car makes absolute perfect sense. If buying a car was a rational choice, we’d all be driving Camrys and this site probably wouldn’t exist. Thank god that is not the case!

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