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One of these “fake” concepts that is pretty much 99% similar to the upcoming production version.
In this case, a good thing.

I think it looks great.
But that’s pretty much all I know.
This new Crossover is smaller and cheaper than the FX,to compete with the Acura RDX and the upcoming small RAV4 based Lexus. But I am not sure what it is based on.
I would guess it shares some stuff with the Nissan Rogue, so it would be FWD based.
Being an Infinity I would think it uses a V6, but which one?
They can’t really use the same engine as the larger FX.
No sure if Nissan/Infiniti even has anoter V6…

More latter.

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  1. To me it looks like a cross between a Hyundia Veracruz and the Ford Iosis X concept. Im not sure thats such a good thing. Infiniti looked like it was gaining a styling direction. I don’t think this fits.

  2. Vince, this is based on the FM platform, same platform used by the G35 and G37 coupe. It has nothing to do with the Rogue and shares nothing with the Rogue. It will be RWD with an AWD option. It has a wheelbase of 112 inches which is about the same wheelbase as the G37 coupe. The engine will be the same as the G35, the VQ35HR pumping out approx. 280-300hp. It looks just like a smaller FX which is a good thing. I smell a home run for Infiniti with this one. Look for the next FX to grow larger and gain the 3.7 engine from the G37 coupe as the base engine and a possible new 5.0 V-8 as the top level engine. (FX37/FX50)

  3. So Infiniti shortens an FX, calls it an EX and we’re supposed to get excited? This “concept” is as dull as the “new” G35, oops I mean G37.

    BTW, it’ll use Nissan’s 3.5L V6.

  4. Hooray, the great and mighty Nissan has answered my prayers. All those nights grovelling to the gods of Nissan while wearing my feety pajamas have paid off. An abbreviated FX! Just what I always wanted. It’ll look great parked on my front lawn with my gnomes.

  5. I love it! Its a great car for those that want the look of a G Sedan and the height of a SUV and nothing too big. The only thing though is it seems like soon as an auto company comes out with a vehicle all the others have to do so as well, and one for the cheap brand and one for the luxry brand…RDX/CR-V…Rav4/Lexus’s counterpart…Rouge/EX…I guess Acura is the first with a luxo-compact suv/cuv/whatever you wanna call it. I would like to so a 2 door CUV.

  6. YAWN…….Seems that all these boxes look the same. Better than hulking SUVs and boring minivans, but it’s hard to name any of these things before reading their name badges.

  7. The quote from Nissan Spyking shocked me. Not because of what was said but of his name. That person is not the Nissan Spyking. I am and stealing a name is shameful!

  8. I think it’s a great idea. Hey, if it works for Acura, then why not Infiniti. They should put the new 3.7l in it. It would probably be able to pull wheelies. Seriously though, I’d have to research this but I think the 3.0l is still floating around Japan so maybe they’ll use that. Otherwise they could turbo the 2.5 I4. It looks good, if it performs well and is halfway decent on gas and it’s affordable, then I think it’ll do fine. Good job Infiniti.

  9. The good thing about all these new mini-Utes / crossovers coming out is that people will climb out of the 12 MPG oversized SUV’s into something with better gas milleage.

    After years of big SUV’s people realize they don’t need all that much car but don’t want to climb back into a Honda Civic. These mini-Utes / crossovers really are more pratical for most Americans.

    Actaully hatchback cars are more pratical but American’s don’t seem to like the word hatchback!

  10. Anonymous @ 9:10,

    I dont know how much you know about cars, but just to correct you, the FX35/45 is based on the FM platform, underpinning the G35, G37, and 350Z. The EX is supposed to be based off the Rogue as the RDX is based off the CR-V.

    In addition, if they were to add a 280-300 hp engine in this, the price would be way to high to be in the competition with the RDX, X3, and upcoming MLK. IMO, it will have horsepower at about 240-260 hp. Possibly Nissan Maxima or Murano’s engine.

  11. “The quote from Nissan Spyking shocked me. Not because of what was said but of his name. That person is not the Nissan Spyking. I am and stealing a name is shameful!”

    If it’s so shameful, perhaps you should stop doing it. Try posting something of merit instead of posting under my name.

  12. It’s a smart move to make a EX crossover that carries over some of the styling cues from the G with the storage space of a small SUV. It also looks way better than the new Subaru Impreza

  13. The ingredients to the new EX are as follows: the front is gmc acadia plus a hint of g35/37. side profile is (as was already stated) hyundai elantra (yay for hyundai! you inspired somebodies styling!) rear end is the shape of the Veracruz with Tribeca taillights. Mix them all up and u get the new Infiniti EX!

  14. In response to Hashmi…

    I am the 9:10 poster and apparently you don’t know anything about Nissan or Infiniti. My information in regards to the EX is 100% correct and can be verified by all of the major auto publications. Your information is a bunch of nonsense and I suggest you stop spreading your misinformation. The only thing you got right was the fact that the current FX is based on the FM platform.

    I will once again repeat this…

    The EX shares NOTHING in common with the Rogue and is NOT based on the same platform as the Rogue. Rogue is based on the Nissan “C” platform. The EX shares the upgraded FM platform also being used by the new G35 and new G37. The EX will be getting the same 3.5 VQ V6 engine as the G35. EX will be AWD with a possible base model being RWD. Pricing will be in the mid $30,000 range. The FX will be redesigned soon as a 2009 model and grow larger. It will still use the FM platform, a version of the M35/45’s. FX will also get the new 3.7 VQ V6 that is powering the G37 as a base engine. Look for a possible 5.0 V8 replace the current 4.5 V8 in the top level FX.

    That is all, have a nice day.

  15. Infiniti have done it again!! >. This looks beautiful… Quite a head turner, with elegant curves on its side with just enough aggressiveness and praticality thrown in.. You can tell there is a clear family resemblance.. from the curvaceous side ( like the G35 ) , to the L shape lights ( m45 ) to the Bling Alloy Wheels ( FX45 ) , love the look and definitely will sell well.. BMW, Mercedes look out AGAIN>. Les : )

  16. Fan-frickin’-tastic:

    Is it 1 Nissan Spyking playing a joke, 2 Nissan Spykings arguing about who is the real one, or 3 Nissan Spykings, with the second or third being the real one?

    I think Nissan Spyking should have gotten a google or blogger account a while ago.

  17. I, the third Nissan Spyking (12:29), am the real one. Unfortunate but true, but when one is as opinionated and passionate about a particular subject, they’re sure to be the target of posers and phonys.

  18. Dude, you are right, I should have protected my name from the start. Can you tell me how to do so?

  19. Do you think that this will trounce the toyota/ lexus version out soon. the lexus would have to be more than perfect to do that, this infiniti is untouchable.

  20. Isn’t Mercedes coming out with a small crossover, the MLK class if I’m correct. This segment is getting crowded.

  21. Dude the Unicycle,

    That’s a good idea. I should have thought about that sooner, since the phony nissan spyking (notice how he used all lower case latters) is at it again.

  22. Cadillac’s BRX will be another player in this field. Could these vehicles become the new “sport compacts”?

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