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The new Mazda 2 is a looker inside and out.
Remember this is an inexpensive car that would start under $13000 in the US.
So far to me, it looks better than anything we have over here in that range.
And it will come to the US as a 2008 model.

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  1. Vince, Ford will sell this and not Mazda according
    to what I read on other sites.
    Anyway, this is better than a Korean car.

  2. That interior layout, especially the centre stereo stack is hideous. Considering how great the Versa, Yaris and Fit look this is not very appealing. Kinda micky mouseish actually. Come to thing of it, it actually looks like Mickey Mouse with the round gauges.

    Too bad, cause the exterior of this is stunning and better than anything on this side of the Atlantic.

  3. If Mazda sells the “2” in the U.S. for the entry segment, will they also sell a “929” to compete with the Avalon, and Maxima?

  4. The center stack is fine, but that cut line and release for the glove compartment is some of the worst design I’ve ever seen.

    Still, a nice car.

  5. It does kinda look like micky mouse. I don’t hate it though, I wonder how easy the stuff is to access from the drivers seat, that is what makes all the difference.

  6. I think this is the best looking tiny car out there besides the Mini Cooper. Just give it a more Mazda looking interior. It just looks like they rushed the interior and stuck a dash in and called it quits.

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