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The magazine Auto Express has this illustration of what a small Mazda SUV would look like.
This makes a lot of sense for the European Market where even the CX-7 is pretty big.

This looks to be based on the next Mazda 3 platform.
I think it would be great in the US too. Where “small” SUV/Crossovers have grown in size and price so much.
There is a market for something like this for under $20 000.

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  1. I think it’s got a lot of potential if it looks close to that. The front looks a little strange, but otherwise it’s pretty nice. They’d need to have an engine to go up against the Rav4 V6 in my opinion.

  2. If it’s not too big, then it doesn’t need a V6 to compete with the RAV4. As far as I know, the CRV is selling just fine without one as according to Honda’s research, the average woman in her early 30’s with 0 or 1 child doesn’t look for a V6 in a cute-‘ute / soft-roader.

    These early impressions of the CX-5 look pretty sharp – let’s just hope those rear doors open wide enough for an adult to get through them.

    By the way, does anyone know the ratio of 4-cylinder:V6 in RAV4 sales?

  3. Looks great, lots of nice influences from the Hakaze concept car, what a shame it’ll never ever be priced under the quivalent of $20,000 in Europe – a starting price of around £17,000/€20,000 is far more likely on this side of the pond.

  4. I really like the design of this illustration. It is very Mazda. It doesn’t have that “cute-ute” look, nor does it have that “tahoe-wrangler-of-a-suv” look either. I hope if Mazda does make something like this to do it. But I also hope they keep the Tribute for those more SUV type lovers out there.

  5. Somehow Mazda has been able to stay at the forefront of design. This thing would blow away the CR-V, RAV4 and Escape easily.

    Build it!

  6. This would appeal greatly to someone like me that has a Prelude, wants something sporty yet practical… I want something to throw a bike in, and have usable back seat space, yet not the typical SUV drawbacks even something like a CR-V or Escape has (heavy, still bad gas mileage, suv handling).

    Mazda would be starting a whole new segment here as the sporty anti SUV vehicle. Distinctive lines, 4 cylinder power, lower weight would be great for urban buyers especially.

  7. i think it will be built.
    the tribute didnt sell herer in europe.
    and ford plans a plattform for small suvs , for the new ford cUV and the volvo XC60
    so it would be close to build a mazda on this platform.
    and in europe, they dont need a V6, they need good ,dynamic diesel engines , which they could take from ford ….

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