Mazda2 into a Ford

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That’s what was mentioned recently by Ford:
The Mazda 2 would be the base for a new small Ford to be sold in the US.

That’s pretty much what we’ve known for a while.
The new Mazda 2 and the next Fiesta will share platform. And the Fiesta is supposed to come over here.
Soo I guess that’s what they are talking about…

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  1. i can say with some pretty strong conviction that the mazda2 will look eons better than whatever chrome-grill festooned monstrocity ford design comes up with.

    bring the 2 over!

  2. I like the style, but were can I find one of these? in a car dealer or in a hot wheels display in a store?

  3. love it, it will compete nicely with versa from Nissan and crush that toyota garbage echo or yars or whatever it’s called today. hey why did toyota get rid of echo name so quick??, hmmmm, they’ve kept corolla name long….could it be because of a bad name for quality???

  4. although Ford has had some pretty weak refreshes of their products as of late, both of the fully designed vehicles to have the three bars (Fusion and Edge) look great.

    In addition, almost everyone that went to the “Showroom of the Future” said the new B-segment car is breathtaking. I personally can’t wait to see it.

  5. Mazda has some kick a## designers. I do think, personal opinion, that their whole line is the strongest looking of any manufacturer.

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