Maserati Grand Turismo

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I’m not sure why, but it looks a bit weird in some angles. At least on the pictures….

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  1. it does look a bit funky in the 2nd pix, but I suspect that’s because the guy taking picture was a bit too close to the car.

    The interior looks a bit too utilitarian for an italian exotic, but nonetheless it’s handsome.

    Overall, a huge improvement over the current Maserati coupe.

  2. It has upside down Mondeo tail lights, but that’s okay. Both cars are great for their respective segments.

  3. I think it looks quite sexy in the top picture…..I’m still a little unsure of the rear-end, but otherwise I enjoy the design.

  4. The styling is far too mainstream and borderline amateurish. It looks like a Chinese knockoff of an Italian car. I wouldn’t have been surprised if this was the exterior of the next Hyundai Tiburon. For a $17k coupe, this is a B-. But an Italian exotic, this not even close to what it needs to be.

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