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I must say, once I forget my initial expectations (of a super modern looking coupe) , this is one nice looking and classy car.
It might even look better in person.

Can’t wait for the convertible…

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  1. I still think the design of this car looks weak. Especially from the side profile view.

    Also what’s up with that 1980’s interior design. Will they have the Knight Rider flashing ligts at the front too?

    I know Audi uses the best materials on their interiors and the fit and finish is top notch, but how long could they use the same basic design over and over. Perhaps it’s time to do something different and more modern.

  2. What is with the running lamps on the headlights? It looks like they lifted the same exact shape and design off of the Saab Aero-X concept from last year. Talk about a rip off.

  3. Is that the new Camry coupe? Oh no, its an also FWD Audi that will cost 2 to 3 times as much, and have far inferior reliability. My bad.

  4. I really don’t think they are gonna release a base FWD version. and if they do release one…. well I don’t think anybody will spend that money to get this over any 3 series coupe

    and PLEASE update the interior, this car basically has the same interior style as an audi ten years ago.

  5. looks ridiculously like the 3er coupe.
    what’s with the interior bashing? it looks far better than MBZ and BMW. and it is timeless, all AUDI’s I have seen in the past up to 10 years have outstang=ding interiors. Quite timeless.

  6. Is it just me or are these photos with the models very dated-looking? Reminds me of Chrysler brochures from the 1970s, models lounging vacantly around the glitzy cars. Maybe this is just a luxury car thing.

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