More Hyundai i30 pictures

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Looks like it is based on the Elantra, but much better looking.
I have seen a few Elantras on the road, and they look like a 10 year old design (At least).
Even if their interior is really nice, and I am sure they drive fine.

This design is much better and more in tune with a younger audience.
Besides, there is a part of the market open since Ford cancelled the Focus hatch.

But so far, not for us…

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  1. I think the Elantra is decent looking, but if I were in the market for a small car then I would purchase this over the Elantra. It’s economical, has more space, and it looks good inside and out.

  2. I never thought I’d be smitten with a Hyundai, but this has classy Mazda 3 competitor all over it. Hyundai is coming along nicely, I would take a close look at this car if it was sold here. The new Elantra is like some redigitized old Corolla design.

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