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  1. Vince, this thing is hot and I hope they decide to import this since the Xterra seems to be getting boring and the Pathfinder is already so similar to it
    in size and power.

  2. Vince,
    I really like the X Trail. I think that it looks like a Xterra for grown-ups. It’s not as funky as the Xterra and doesn’t have all of the unattractive plastic cladding. I would buy one right now if it was available in the U.S. I currently own a Frontier Crew Cab and this would be the logical “step-up” purchase for me.

  3. Aside from the innovative cup-holder placement (where will these things show up next?), the X Trail is just another dull and boring Asian SUV. Show me something interesting already.

  4. anonymous 11:34, this is probably the most off-road capable suv’s in it’s class. this is gonna be a great product from nissan, i wonder if they’ll put the sentra’s(spec v’s) bumped 2.5 litre powerplant in it or the 3.5 v6 since it’s grown in size and to better compete with the rav4.

  5. This car is sold in Latin America instead of the X-Terra. It will always be a “cheap” alternative to a CRV. I like the interior, but that exterior is HORRIBLE! Retail price could be as high as $29K, I don’t know much people who would be interesting in paying such a high price for such an ugly car. The exterior of the older version was much better!

  6. This X-TRAIL is the Europe and Asia version. For North-America, the Rogue will be the only version avaliable including Canada.

  7. I like this better than the Rogue and think it is really nice despite what others think, this should be sold here.

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