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There seems to be some confusion about the concept being RWD or FWD.
I am not sure. I have read both.

This car is pretty much a preview of the next Vectra coupe. (Or Manta)
Just like the old Manta was a coupe version of the Ascona (The old Opel mid sized car later replaced by the Vectra).
The Ascona was RWD like most Opels at the time.(Except the last generation in 1981, chich was a FWD Cavalier clone).
So the coupe was also RWD.
But the Vectra being FWD I would imagine the coupe version to use the same frame.
Just like the Solara/Camry, Altima/Altima coupe etc…

Unless the next Vectra moves to a new RWD platform.
That would change everything….

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  1. Vince,
    This car almost certainly is built on the Epsilon II architecture which is rumored to support AWD applications. Thus, I’d bet this car has a transverse-mounted V6 with AWD.

  2. The Opel GTC, from what I’ve heard, is indeed GMs first application of it’s upcoming Epsilon II platform, which can be configured for FWD, RWD or AWD. It’s possible the coupe will be RWD, while other variants are FWD, with AWD versions added. As for Saturn, this car will most likely be the next-gen Aura, since this Opel is basically the next Vectra, and that would be very good news indeed.

  3. Official release says it’s AWD, and i guess that means FWD as standard configuration and AWD as an option for the platform.

    Anyway, why would they make a RWD car with 100% FWD proportions??

  4. Vince the easy way to tell a front wheel drive vehicle from a rear wheel drive is the amount of metal from just aft the front wheel well to the front door. Front wheel drive has very little, rear wheel drive has almost(sometimes more) a foot. Look at your comparison pics as proof.

  5. For all the Manta/Calibra connections it looks much more like an heir to the Opel Monza wich was a larger Coupè with 3L V6 Engines.

    The size, engine etc. are far too big to make it a Manta/Calibra heir.

    It actually has the same look “front” as the last Monza.

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