More small Lexus rumor

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Again, words of a “smaller than IS” lexus.
Mostly for the European market as a BMW 1/Audi A3 series competitor.
Why not…

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  1. IF its priced right, then this baby would sell in the US like hot cakes.
    So Lexus better bring it on.

  2. lol the front lights look like a Chevy truck, but the rest is nice. It would sell, but it would be nice if Lexus didn’t lower themselves to European levels of economy luxury cars. If they kept the IS as the base model it would make Lexus a realy luxury brand, and leave Toyota to fight the Audi A3s and BMW 1 series with their new RWD coupe.

  3. Cool!

    Design looks clean, except the lights.

    I mean, come on, splitting them vertically is okay, but horizontally?

    Maybe I’ll get used to it.

  4. Beautiful car, but don’t expect to see a low-priced Lexus in the U.S. because it would cheapen the Lexus brand.
    Also, 5 door hatches haven’t sold all that well in the U.S., so it’s for Europe or Asian markets. Too bad!

  5. Well, compared to german premium cars like BMW 3 or Audi A4, Lexus cars do not offer enough space inside and flexibility (the rear seat is fixed and not movable). If they would fix this, they could sell much more cars here in Germany.

  6. Why not? Hmmm, let me see, let me see, why not….why not…. Oh, I know…..BECAUSE IT’S UGLY!!!!!!

  7. americans don’t want to pay premium for a little hatch. the old lexus sportcross didn’t do well at all. the audi a3 and mercedes c-hatch didn’t sell well. the now-defunct bwm 318i hatch wasn’t a success.

  8. My money is on it being a re-badged Toyota. For a huge amount of extra cash you will get a better music system, satnav, and leather seats.

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