New Honda Convertible

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I know I posted the top illustration before.
But there is new info about that car.

This would not be the replacement for the S2000 but an all new model that would compete with the Miata.
So it would be quite a bit cheaper than the S2000.
As you can see it would have a folding hard top.

It would be almost exactly the same size as the Mazda, but the wheelbase is about 2.5 inches longer.
6 speed auto and manual would be offered and the engine could reach up to 200hp.

The style is said to be inspired by the old S600 from the 60’s. (Bottom picture)

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  1. I think it sould have the front end of the Remix concept from last year’s LA Auto Show…..personally, I think that’d be more attractive than the front end on the illustration.

  2. Love it! i hope they decide to redo the s2000 and make it a bit bigger and more muscular and powerful looking. i would definitely purchase this if its priced right. say 20-25k. how cool would it be if this was the prelude?!

  3. hondas an amazing company. a car like that at the right price will sell. i would just worry if they are a bit late for this seqment due to the fact that the miata/sky/solstice have all been out now for a 1yr. i like the clean lines this car has. i like that it isnt anything drastic like the accord concept or the civic but its not dated looking like the current s2000. i hope they pull the s2000 this fall and have this out soon after. the car is becoming a disgrace now. let it go it with a bit of integrity for petes sake.

  4. Well this is good news more of a successor to the del sol cause the s2000 is way overpriced for what ya get ! lets hope this new car has some room for your legs, sat in both this and soltice/sky at the auto show and it felt like you where wearing a very tight sock wrapped around your legs, it would get very old driving like that after just a few minutes !

  5. d jones: you’re a hater and an idiot. Go sing your ferrin’ cars suck song somewhere else. How did you afford a computer anyway? I bet you went to the library to get on the internet.

  6. I’d love to have the original, but I’ll settle for this sweetheart!

    No goofy top with flying buttresses like the Solstice/Sky makes it all the more appealing.

    Sign me up!

  7. I like it, but I wonder what the market would be for a C-segment convertable? The Miata is a great B-segment, but is kind of small for most people, and the next thing up is mid-sized convertables like the Camry based Solara… I wonder how well a Civic based droptop would sell? Keep it in the mid 20’s and I’d be interested…

  8. I drove a 67 Lotus Elan coupe for 14 years. sold it for an S2000. While I don’t miss the Lotus quirks, I think Honda would be wise to follow Colin Chapman’s nmantra: add lightness.

  9. I hope that it wouldn’t weigh too much. A rwd VTEC under 2400 lbs would be perfect. If that will be the case, I am selling my Miata…

  10. The grill and lights look more like the s800’s. I hope they make both the coupe hatchback as well as the convertible models with RWD, use the Si’s K20. Kind of like the BMW Z4 roadster/coupe, but at a lower price point. I love the look of the Z4 coupe but I need a little more leg room and Honda’s reliability. I hope they make them soon. I need a new car.

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