Next Honda S2000 ???

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Who knows.
There wil be another S2000 that’s for sure.
And it could very well have a hardtop convertible.

That’s about all we know…

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  1. Wow. Honda is usually the most boring and conservative of the Japanese brands. But this thing is amazing. It looks just like a GM Zeta car but the design is just very nice and even exciting. This design just doesnt seem like them at all.

  2. This aint a miata competitor that smaller soft top that honda will soon bring out is, and this is a good idea, b-c segment soft top 19k, to compete with sol/sky/miata, and a much larger c segment hardtop convert priced above 30k ..although i have a feeling this will start at 34,999..

  3. wow, put that at 30k with a hardtop and people will buy this over the slk, sky, solstice, bmw 3, z4, everything! i want one now!

  4. I’m not a sports car person but if I were, that would be THE CAR!
    Build it and they will come……

  5. This is beautiful. It looks awfully like a Saturn Sky, which I consider to be one of the best looking roadsters on the market today. Hopefully Honda will build upon the good looks of the Sky while offering a much more usable package than GM did.

  6. Given Honda’s shall we say “conservative” design, I’d say this drawing will never get beyond the drawing stage. Any new S2000 will probably follow the design direction of the mid 80s Accord show car Honda recently introduced.

  7. I liked the other S2000 drawing Vince posted a couple weeks back, the one “inspired” by the old S600. I’ve have enough cars with sharp creases for the time being, time for something with some curves.

  8. It looks alright except the stupid chrome insecting the door. This is better than some of the Designs Honda has had lately.

  9. The grill seems more indicative of an Acura design than that of a Honda one . Of course they are the same in Japan…which means that if this were a GENUINE drawing, it wouldn’t be called Honda S2000…it would be something else. I appears that the drawing posted earlier (the cheerful looking one inspired by the s600) seems more likely for an American Honda model

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