Next WRX?

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If the wing gets any larger the car might be airborne.

Let’s hope, again, that the real thing looks a bit better than this.

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  1. At least they took the Pokemon-style lines out of the fenders. At least this thing looks a tad more grown up.

  2. Burlapp, is correct. That wing looks like it came off
    that back of some 2 million dollar jet and would perpell this thing through thin air.
    I would really need to see this Scobby(as the English call it) in person or perhaps see “official” pics and call the shot.

  3. That wing on the back is mega-stupid. Looks like a carrying handle.
    Useless crap unless the car is going at least 125 MPH and even then the usefulness is doubtful. Amazing that some retards think that kind of junk looks good on a car.

  4. Another car for pimpled, tuner dweebs hooked on Red Bull, video games, and The Fast & The Furious? No thanks, Subaru.

  5. …say what you will; there’s actually a purpose for the wing (at least on the Sti and Evo). And these two cars with “silly wings” can outperform cars 3x their cost. With that said, looking at the lines on this particular car, I don’t know how much effective downforce pressure it could possibly add with the hatch right in front. I’m still waiting on pics of the coupe version.

  6. It may look like a tarted-up 80s Tercel, but you can bet it hauls a$$. I’d love to drive one for a day. I just wouldn’t want to be seen in it. The grab-handle wing is utterly pointless. It’s an automotive equivalent of a peacock’s tail feathers.

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