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At first I thought this was the production model.
But I can’t see any bumpers on this thing.
Or any difference from the concept. Or any door handles we can see on the prototypes….

Never mind………………

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  1. That’s the concept, both Vince’s posting and Ray’s link. The production model, which I have seen promo pictures of pre-embargo, differs in some subtle details that make it look much more polished and production-ready, though it is still very similar to the concept. If anything it hasn’t been watered down at all, but is even more modern-looking. The look isn’t really for me, but I’m sure if you liked the concept you will like the production model.

  2. This looks either like the batmobile, or an electric razor. I can’t decide which. However juvenle it looks, we can be quite certain that it will be pretty badass.

  3. the doors probably open with remote, really I bet the door handles will go away after awhile. And it doesn;t look like it has bumpers because, really want new car lately have you seen a real bumper on anymore?

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