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Opel will show this new concept coupe at the Geneva show in a few days.

This is pretty much a modern version of the old Manta coupe.
The Manta was always a good looking car.

This one looks good but it does seem very derivative . It reminds me of other cars. Mostly the new Altima coupe.
And even bits form the upcoming Nissan GTR.
None of these cars will be sold in Europe, so I guess nobody will notice…

I wonder if this will end up as a Saturn any time soon…

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  1. This design is what the upcoming Astra 3 door should have looked like. The 3 door Astra is ok, but it could be better, and this design would have madde it stand out, I believe, even more so, than the current model we will be getting in the USA.

    Vince, what was to old Manta like, any info?

  2. So, is this basically a re-worked G6, then?
    Looks a lot like one, from the side profile, and rear shot!

  3. Looked up Manta…. RWD? I HOPE they do NOT make this RWD.
    If this is a Saturn, and it is larger than the Astra, but smaller thanthe Aura, maybe they will put tha 170HP(or is it 180HP) turbo I-4in it, from the Astra( USA AStra to get 140HP, for now,so why not give this concpet the mid-level HP engine, to comepet with other cars, in the 160-180HP catagory, liek tC, upcoming SE-R, or even the 167HP I-4 from the G6 would be ok).
    Just Don’t do RWD…that’s what Pontiac division is(maybe in the near future) for.

  4. I think this car looks amazing. It kind of looks like a Bentley Continental, but with sportier looks. This car would look really good in NA.

  5. This will be RWD…thank god… the last thing we need is another FWD car. RWD COUPE FINALLY! Automakers are waking up… this will compete nicely with the new A5 coupe and M3… but probably at a much nicer price point… Bring it SATURN!!!

  6. This will be RWD!! Thank the car gods… the last thing we need is another heavy FWD… This car is awesome.. Great competition for the M3 and new Audi A5 coupe…but probably at a much nicer price point…Bring it Saturn!!

  7. Said one designer to the other:
    “Hey, let´s exchange all those ideas we are lacking.”
    Yeah, we have seen it before. However, those teeth in the face remind me of a sea lion´s face. Now that is unique and sensational and worldshaking. To sum it up: Not only the chinese do great work in copying bad design – is there any good left? – the dummies are also in action in Europe and the US with very very few exceptions.

  8. Those may be the ugliest wheels I’ve ever seen on any car. Otherwise, the car looks like the Altima coupe with inverted fangs up front.

    Pimples aside, I like it.

  9. If this is FWD, then it is probably based on the G6 coupe and may end up as a Saturn…although Malibu needs an additional model or two to strengthen it’s line up.

    If it is in fact RWD, then we may be looking at a hint of a new GTO.

  10. Nice interior even if a bit busy. Exterior is nice but has too many geegaws. The wheels totally suck.

  11. This car would be beautiful if it weren’t for the completely retarded and pointless fangs in the front. The crease in the side looks a little bit Mustangey. The interior is a bit busy with every trendy design element represented. This concept could use a bit of design refinement, but it could be a very nice looking car.

  12. First off, this is a show car, and like most show cars the styling will be a little over-the-top. Toned down a bit for production, the Opel GTC will be a very attractive car, be it a coupe, sedan or wagon. And the interior is stunning. The doors are a little busy, but the rest is stunning.

    The Opel GTC, from what I’ve heard, is GMs first application of it’s upcoming Epsilon 2 platform, which can be configured for FWD, RWD or AWD. It’s possible the coupe will be RWD, while other variants are FWD, with AWD versions added. As for Saturn, this car will most likely be the next-gen Aura, since this Opel is basically the next Vectra, and that would be very good news indeed.

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