The Opel/Nissan connection…

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  1. thats a bit of a stretch thats like comparing a 3 series coupe, and a g35 coupe and sayin bmw copied nissan, coupes will have some similarities in general but hey anything to say someone is being copied

  2. Burlapppp, as usual, you are wrong!!

    I dont see how these cars are similar – except for obvious coupe proportions and 1 or 2 details

  3. i think they do look similar, especially everything sans the 3rd picture. Same company, same platform, similar design, saves money?

  4. thanks for posting these pics Vince, we can all rest now that the dumbass in the last post talking about the similarities can finally shut the hell up.
    These caars look nothing alike. the Nissan looks like a cheap contrived design somebody came up with after receiving some bad hummjob.

  5. Very very nice…it’s amazing how defensive , even violent sounding the toyota / honda folk sound. At this point, they can give up the brainless tough guy talk and admit the obvious. Nissan is the world’s design leader. Oustanding quality, design and overall appeal. Don’t worry toyota and honda sheep, it’s nissan’s turn to shine. your turn may come again.

  6. Well, look a the lines (especially the side-windows) and have a look at the Opel Astra Bertone Coupè (2001). No doubt that this design (shown first in 2000) pre-dates the Nissan designs.

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