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Or obsession???

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  1. What this dude needs is to lay off the valium ! also its a nice toy but totally useless, ya cant use it, just start it and shut it off, yawn !

  2. Must be frustrating to do all that work for so long and not be small enough (or the car large enough) for him to drive it.

    Seems to me he should have made it full sized for all that effort.

  3. An astonishing work of art – the attention to detail is mind boggling!

    You are right Boris – Ferari should swap him a full size car!

  4. That’s absolutely insane, now that guy needs to build a miniture version of himself. Someone at Ferrari should definately buy this and or hook this guy up with at least some track time with Dario Benuzzi.

  5. I am in awe … what a amazing effort, what a talented and clever man who has no doubt been blessed to both discover and indulge in his true passion and skill in life.

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